Phone Slips Through A Window In An Indian Train? – This Is The Best Thing You Can Do!

First of all, when you’re in a running train, you must not put your hand out of the window or stand near the compartment doors for your own safety. You shouldn’t take selfies at such places either. If you still ignore all these warnings and take out your smartphone and accidentally it falls out of the train then here are a few things you can do.

  • Keep a track of the route along which you are traveling.
  • Check what station you left earlier and what will be next station you’ll arrive to.
  • Also, immediately look outside and note down the number you will see on the pole that is passing by. It will look something like shown below. Sadly, only electrified pole’s are marked and maintained.
  • Lastly, you can pull the chain. Not all of the chains work. You have roughly 50% chance that it will work and the train will stop.
  • But the train doesn’t and can’t stop immediately
  • For example, if a train is traveling at 100 Km/h, then it will cover a good 2 Km max distance before it comes to a complete halt.
  • Remember, you’ll have to pay a hefty fine to the railways for stopping the train for such a reason.
  • Now run back to the pole and find your smartphone, assuming no passerby has already taken it.
  • Your smartphone won’t likely be too damaged because it will fall on gravel and grass that surrounds the tracks. And also due to the aerodynamic shape, it is unlikely that it will fall on the screen, it will most likely hit the edge.
  • In case the train doesn’t stop, then at the next station inform the authorities who can then contact the concerned track man. These tracks are closely monitored by the gang man and track man. So there are good chances that you will get your smartphone back.

If you are unable to get your smartphone back or just instantly arrive at the conclusion that you won’t be getting it back ever, then here are some things you need to do immediately.

  • Ask for a smartphone from any one of your co-passengers and use their GPS and Google to track down the current location of your smartphone and you can take a screenshot.
  • You can also override the smartphone functionality and lock it down or also erase all the data from it. You just need to sign in to the same Google account (in the case of Android) and go to Google Play. You can access your smartphone from here.
  • Contact your service provider and block your Sim card.
  • Also, lodge a FIR ASAP, so no one can misuse your smartphone.
  • If you search on Google following keyword “Lose a phone what to do”, it’ll give you following options:
  1. Locate/track your phone.
  2. Erase/delete all the data.
  3. Ring the smartphone, so that if you’re near enough you can hear it clearly.
  4. Lock down your smartphone.

You should remember few basic things and follow them when you have your smartphone, those are:

  • Keep your device in sync with your account. So that all your important data is safe and you can recover it later even if you lose your smartphone.
  • Keep all the purchase details along with IMEI number etc with you. You can keep these in your email or tell your family member to keep it. This will be required when you lodge a FIR.
  • At the end, it is just a smartphone, you can always buy a new one. You do not have to risk your life for it. Therefore, always travel safe and don’t try any stunts on a moving or even a stationary train.

This is a guest post by Akshay Bhosale who constantly write helpful posts on his blog and shares helpful tips and tutorials like How to transfer bike through IRCTC.