Prerequisites Of Tree Care Skills For Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery is a trending profession. It includes different kinds of works such as planting, nurturing maintaining and looking after the saplings till they grow into trees.

The role of a tree surgeon or an arborist is very demanding. It requires a strong physique and a good height. You will get to dig deeper with the environmental facts and figures with a close relation with the mother Earth. A number of equipment such as ladders, ropes, and chainsaws will turn as your most prized possession. Generally training as the ground workers, you can groom your potential and become an expert arborist.

Prerequisites Of Tree Care Skills For Tree SurgeryResponsibilities of Tree Surgeon:

• Planting of trees and their regular monitoring

• Timely pruning and maintenance of the plants

• Inspecting the diseases and the tree health

• Controlling the pests

• Chopping down the old trees

Tree Surgery Harrow offers different courses for the folks who are interested in the tree surgery industry. The courses are imparted by trained professionals who are duly-licensed and have a knack at the job profile. Here’s an outline of the details of the courses:

The Start-up Course : Designed for the beginners, this course aims to teach the basics of tree surgery. You will learn how to use the surgery equipment such as chainsaw, climb ropes and work at towering heights. Basic introductory lessons for cutting small trees are conducted.

Intensive Abrorist Course : This course trains the participants to cut trees with a diameter of 380 mm. Beginning with one-day workshop, the later training is given in the forest area.

The key points of this course include:

  • Operating and maintaining the chainsaw
  • Sharpening of Chain
  • Crosscutting timber with a saw
  • Take down the hung up branches and trees

Tree Biology: This includes identification of trees, and studying the anatomical structure of the trees. You will learn to diagnose different kinds of trees and then carry out the treatment. The common trees you will learn about in the tree surgery Harrow are:

Maples : Maples grow in autumns and are medium sized trees and give colourful haze during the fall season.

Cherries : These fruit trees are in high bloom throughout the year and are the source of food.

Willows and Birch : These trees are found along the walkways and paths. They are of great aesthetic value to the surroundings.

Oaks and Poplars : They are perennial trees and are of great ecological importance. They look beautiful during the autumn season.

Garden Equipment : This course covers an introduction of the operation and maintenance of the garden equipment such as chainsaws, strimmer and lawn mowers.

Tree inspection Course : You will learn to find the disease-prone tree and then follow the future course of action.

First Aid Course : This course trains you to use the first aid service at the time of causality. You will learn to treat bleedings, burns, heat stroke and the rescue operation at the time of emergency.

Pursuing the above courses will open the ways for a bright future in arboriculture. You can build out a promising career and serve as an approved professional.