A Major Area of Concern

Privacy Of Kids: A Major Area Of Concern

A lot of kids these days use the social media mainly Facebook Twitter Instagram and Snapchat. These are the most popular social media apps in the world right now. The Kids need to understand the importance of privacy first, because most of the adults using these apps still dont know the importance of privacy in social media apps. Then we need to filter the people whom we allow the access of viewing of our profiles. Let us take these most popular social media centres to show how to protect our kid’s privacy. Facebook: Facebook is not that big a deal for kids anymore these days now, because toomany parents have ventured into it and keep a pair of eyes continuously on them. But still there are plenty of kids who use it.

Privacy of Kids

Facebook is the the most popular social media app and its privacy policies and settings change continuously and their privacy settings are way too complex already.

If we look at the Facebook Privacy Setings page, we will find the following sections:

• Who can see your future posts?
• Who can send you friend requests?
• Who can look you up using the email address you provided?
• Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?
• Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?

For the above questions the safest settings are either Friends or No.

Facebook also allows us to block users. We can click on the Blocking section where we can add people by names or emails to block, and we can block apps, app invites, and pages if they are continuously pestering kids.Twitter: Twitter has few privacy options- it has the option to make an account private and to turn off locations for tweets. It’s good to turn the location setting off; otherwise anyonelooking at your kids’ tweets will know their locations.We can click on an user’s icon at the top of the Twitter window, then choose Settings and then click Security and Privacy.

We will see the following options:

• Photo Tagging
• Tweet Privacy
• Tweet Location
• Discoverability
• Personalization
• Promoted Content

The two things that are important in these Settings are Discoverability and Tweet Location. Turn both of them off to protect the privacy of the kids. Snapchat: Snapchat is a messaging app, but the stories that the user shares can be seen byanybody. The settings for that need to be changed so that only the people whom the kids know get to see their stories and not anyone else.

Following options can be found in its Settings:

• Notification Sounds
• Manage
• Who can send me snaps
• Who can view my stories
• Support
• Privacy
• Terms of Use
• Clear conversations

Among these only two of them are important and those are who can send snaps and who can view my stories. Both of them should be set to Friends. The above are recent settings and privacy policies of the most popular social media apps, we cannot think that if we make these changes then the kids are safe. No, they are not, the most important thing is to keep yourself up-to-date! Last thing that you can do to protect your kids from predators and hackers when using the Internet and social networks is to install the VPN service. Make sure to check the best cheap vpn services for 2017 by vpntrends. Remember to stay safe, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.