Real Estate Bathroom Trends: Chic and Stylish Ideas

There is seldom a greater improvement to your lifestyle than the one you can make by redecorating your bathroom. Although, your bathroom is often secluded, or hidden from the views of others you should never underestimate the effect it has on your everyday morale. The practical advantages that can in this way be created, are definitely worth your while. Here are some chic bathroom trends you would definitely want to incorporate.

The Lighting Solution

Your bathroom should be all about your pleasure, enjoyment and your ability to relax. However, all of these things require the lighting situation in the bathroom to be up to the task. Adding a pendant lamp will not only improve the visibility in your bathroom, but also give it that unique chic look you always wanted it to have. Furthermore, adding some candles or even DIY lamps and lanterns is always a great idea. Just set aside some time to do this right and you will most certainly not regret it.

Real Estate Bathroom Trends: Chic and Stylish IdeasMirror, Mirror on the Wall

While still speaking about light as a perfect ambiance enhancer, just remember that mirrors are important factor as well. Any light source in your bathroom can be made significantly more intense by installing a mirror. Your choices of mirrors, as well as how you can best incorporate them can be seen in this exquisite gallery of many bathroom renovators. As for specific designs, this is all up to your personal taste, still you can never go wrong with driftwood. Also, go a step further and personalize the bathroom vanity with some contemporary above counter basin that will complement your new mirror.

Real Estate Bathroom Trends: Chic and Stylish IdeasShower In, Tub Out

If we started speaking about practical advantages of shower over those of a tub, there is a great chance that we wouldn’t be able to finish today. Apart from this, bathroom is rarely a room with the abundance of space so there is always a risk that a large tub will consume it whole. Simply replace the traditional tub with an innovative shower. This way, you get to choose between many interesting shower features as well. Make up your mind for the design of your curtain, the type of the glass or the shape and size of your shower-head that will suit you the most.

Real Estate Bathroom Trends: Chic and Stylish IdeasThe Real Rug

For practical reasons, people often resort to using a mat to cover their bathroom floor. This practice however is seldom pleasant to the eye. If you want to do something really chic for your bathroom, why not add a real rug to the mix. Some will instantly be dissuaded by the idea of its maintenance, which is why it is highly advisable that you use a smaller one. This way, you will always be able to just insert it into a washing machine every once in a while.

Real Estate Bathroom Trends: Chic and Stylish IdeasSomething for your walls

Now, there are two ways to achieve that dreamy chic look of the bathroom you always dreamed about. First one is simple, just create a neutral colors mosaic. As for the second idea, it is even more traditional. Go with two colors separated by a strait horizontal line. The bottom half paint a bit darker, a rich color is not a bad idea. As for the top, lighten it a bit up. This way. With just few sweeps of a brush, you will transform your bathroom into a chic heaven.

In the end, all that it takes for you to create a genuine chic bathroom is to arm yourself with determination and patience. Check out all of these features that can help turn your dream designs and styles into a reality and you will not be disappointed.

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