Reduced Gaps, Distance Learning

When one suggests a distance learning course, the first images that may run through your mind are a relaxed studying atmosphere, a few emails, a syllabus and some assignments and finally a certification that you probably won’t hang on the wall.

However, distance learning has advanced by leaps and bounds and today,these courses offer a great alternative for those who cannot pursue traditional classroom courses for various reasons. Interactive platforms form the basefor the most popular online study channels and with easy availability of course material and better technology, the ‘distance’ in distance learning has reduced considerably.

Online Universities

One of the biggest factors in the growth of online education is the initiatives by recognized universities across India to reach out to a distance learning audience. UGC certified universities like the Pondicherry University now provide a wide range of online MBAs in collaboration with the Directorate of Distance Education and third party organizations in charge of facilitating the course.

A distance education university course will retain the same prestige that it would were you to pursue it on campus. With access to qualified faculty and hi tech learning platforms, you can be just a step away from an important degree that will give your career a boost.

Online MBA Admission

An iconic degree that has now become a pre-requisite for several top jobs, the MBA is a course that will help you get a definite edge while pursuing a career in the business landscape. With so many education providers in the field, it has become difficult to determine which institutions can give you that essential learning experience.

For working professionals, an MBA helps carve their professional knowledge into a business oriented mind-set that will help them be more involved in the organization and consequently, open doors to promotions. A full-time course is out of the question for working professionals, but getting an MBA admission to an online platform has become a feasible reality now.

Tech & People Make it Possible

Imagine a course where you can get a mentorship program, regular individual feedback, lessons from industry experts and qualified faculty and access to a community of scholars pursuing similar courses and sharing their knowledge. Distance learning which blends the positives of technology and the larger framework of organized education gives you exactly these experiences at a fraction of the cost and with the added convenience of a flexible schedule. Find out what your options are now and take a big leap forward for your career.

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