Renewal Of Traditional Crafts

Are you tired of sitting in your chair and staring at the screen? There are always other things you do. Instead of doing everything in the virtual world like we do today, you can actually try making things by hand. There are some traditional crafts that have been forgotten in the modern world and definitely deserve revival. Keep reading if you want to see what these are and how you could start practicing them.


Today, computers, smartphones and printers are doing all the writing for us. What happened to the beauty of handwriting? Well, this can be a thing you might want to give a try. You should practice your handwriting and make it as perfect as you can. Even though this craft is connected to the past, there is no need to make your writing look like the one from 16th century. There are some new modern scripts that can be used in calligraphy.

Dry Stone Walling

Dry stone walling is another craft that is making comeback. There are many walls like this all over the world, some of them dating even from BC. They were not maintained for years but it is the right time to start making more of them. Big and heavy stones are used to make the base of the wall while the flat stones are placed in top of them. The only tool you are given is a sharp-edged hammer. Still, most of the people practicing this craft try to cut the stones only when there is no any other option.


Willow baskets have always been used and can be made quite easily. It will only take you a few tools and some effort to get the job done. You will need a couple of knives, a bodkin, cleave, shave and a beating iron. The first thing you have to do is make a big round or rectangular base and then you add side frame. Even though it may seem easy, this craft demands a lot of patience and a sharp eye.


Barbering is also something you might consider giving a try. Instead of using all the electric clippers and shavers you can do it traditional way. You can practice on yourself and if you feel like you are doing well you can even start your own business and offer traditional haircutting and shaving. All you will need are scissors, comb, straight razor, some shaving foam and you can give it a try.


By using fire and hammers you can actually shape up metal the way you want it. This way, you can craft door knobs, curtain holders, tools, cutlery or even jewelry. You will need a small forge that you can heat up to 1000C that will be enough to shape the metal. You will also need some tools such as vice, pliers and hammers when it is the time to shape the final product. Durable Milwaukee tools may be just what you need. It is quite difficult to master this craft but it is definitely worth giving it a try since you can make so many things that you can have use of.

If you are looking for a change, practicing some of these crafts may be exactly the thing you were looking for. These will help you get rid of the stress caused by everyday life and do something interesting.