Resume Blunders

Resumes are designed to tell a story…a very important story; the story of your life. A resume is perhaps the most important story ever reduced to paper for most people. Many lives can be affected by a person’s resume and for that reason alone, they should be the most proof-read article printed. A resume will make or break the possibility of a job interview. Over the course of my life as a recruiter, I have amassed some of the most humorous mistakes I’ve seen in actual resumes.

The following words have NOT been altered in any way, shape or form. What you see is what I saw when I opened the resume on my computer in an attempt to decide whether or not this candidate should be shown to my client for a current job opening. Keep in mind that I only open resumes that originally caught my eye and led me to believe I might make a placement with this particular candidate. Unfortunately each of these blunders caused me to reconsider. I hope you enjoy.

Resume Titles:

  • Transition To Creatativity
  • Executive Assistant to the Director fo Operations

Job Titles:

  • Industrious Addministative
  • Director of Qulaity and Risk Management
  • Motivational Speaker/ Personal Succsess Coach/Volenteer
  • Monk and Auto Mechanic
  • Marketing and Clinical Lesion
    Thysical Therapist Aide
  • Porperty Manager
  • Securaty Gard
  • License pratical nurse


  • Covad Comminications

Applicable Skills:

  • Educted in all areas of fitness

Job Responsibilities:

  • Studied Buddhism Meditation and repaired vehicles and other equipment
  • Coordinatin Shiping Schedules
  • I am the soul physical therapist in a small but busy agency.

Career Histories:

  • Birthday 03/29/74
  • My restaurant exp.includes McDonalds;off and on 11/91 thru 12/95 I was offered management but declined cause of family resposebility at that time.
  • Pizza Hut;02/97 Thru 06/02. Started as server ended as manager at both of these jobs I cooked cleaned supervised or ran shifts.
  • Also as with any restaurant job I have exp in custermer service. I have exp. with other returants such as Italian Pie, Beauregards, Taco Bell Wendys Bobby
  • G’s two off these had bars. The rest of my work exp is manufacturin jobs 12 hour shifts third shift first shift with carpet and car manufacturin
  • I work hard, I am a prize employee! I usually learn fast, work well with others, I am available any time and very dependable. I am divorced my children are old enough and currently reside with their father an his wife.


  • In my spear time, I work with kids at home, and read Newspapers and Novels.
  • If you are willing to share, I would also like to receive your tool.
  • Have you ever been arrested? “Yes.” Please Describe: “Mr. Meanor”


  • 6/2006 – 1/2007 Video Game Player

I will continue to gather mistakes and print them periodically in hopes of bringing some levity to your days. Please remember: proof read and re-read those resumes!