Rooftop Garden Ideas

Planning about a unique and attractive lush green garden at your home is really a fantastic idea but it may seem unrealistic if you are running short of empty space around your house or in backyard. There is always a beautiful option for creating own garden on your roof top because this space can be shaped to look like an inspiring green garden by outing some efforts in creative manner. If you are searching for some elegant roof garden ideas then following information will be useful for you.

Enthralling rooftop garden ideas for your home:

  1. Edible Roof Garden:

If you have enough knowledge regarding edible flora as well as vegetables then you can easily manage a garden with seasonal edible plants. This idea will help you to have pleasure of growing your own fruits and veggies and the best thing to know is that it can help you to setup your small but profitable family based business.

  1. Cedar Patio Garden:

If you wish to enjoy enchanting springs and cool summers at your roof top then creation of a cedar patio garden will surely be a great idea. Such type of roofing designs are on great trend these days and here you can utilize your creativity in best possible manner to utilize whole space in attractive way.

  1. Roof Garden with Pool:

What can be more exciting than having pleasure of own pool area at your roof top in the peak summer season. If you can manage the issues regarding proper drainage and firmness for pool on your roof top then this will be a nice idea. All it needs for better structure is proper stability of your roof top so that it can accommodate water in perfect manner.

  1. Scenic Roof Garden:

If you want to add more creativity and beauty to your roof top garden with attractive lighting system then it is good to go ahead with ornamental plants that can be exposed with colorful reflective spot lights. It is best way to create a romantic and more relaxing dream roof garden with magnificent lightning system.

  1. Spanish Rooftop Garden:

Here is the best opportunity to create something different by merging contemporary clean styles with classic old style of rooftop garden in order to create Spanish architecture. This idea is most suitable for fascinating design lovers and can be implemented in better way on roof gardens with larger area.

  1. Water Sparkling Roof Garden:

Adding some beautiful small size fountains to your roof top with attractive greenery all around will be a great option. Go for collection of beautiful flowers with some stylish small size plants; they will provide an attractive view to your roof top and you will definitely like to spend romantic hours of evening at this place.

Other than this you can install a big cinema on your roof top or if you love open air cooking and dining then it is good to combine rooftop garden with cooking space and dining area.

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