Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Incredible Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch is just few days far and after the Samsung would bang in the market with an amazing spectacular phone of the 2015. One of such kind is already present in the market with the name Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

 S6 Edge was one of the first smartphone two features curved edges display, in general, when using S6 edge curvature of the left and right of the screen there is normal. With a curved screen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can interact in different ways – either actively or passively. Under active interaction, I mean the use of function “People edge” to output 5 favorite contacts and quick dial numbers from the sidebar that hides on one (left or right) border of the display. The same action can be performed on the locked screen smartphone. If you remember similar thing was present in the Galaxy Note Edge but however with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the things won’t be same.

As the camera is concerned, the S6 edge performance really good but it does not work when shooting in 4K-format (have to get an additional tripod). But if you slow down a little bit the quality of shooting, the result you obviously like it. If we talk in general about the photo and video capabilities of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the output is only one – the flagship of the camera today to cope with their work at times better than the competition. Excellent detail, excellent shooting in the dark, a good level of brightness – Samsung managed on a solid tops five. In most cases, the software algorithms in Samsung do much for you. I have noticed that even if you’re shooting a nondescript object on the screen of the smartphone, it looks as if more expressive. Every detail is drawn and looks a little better than in real life. You can have a lot of controversy about the smartphone of Samsung, but not one has remained indifferent to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. And the better level performance would come in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which would definitely make it incredible among whole market of smartphones.

 A passive interaction in the Galaxy S6 Edge – this is an opportunity to receive various notifications sidebar smartphone. There can be displayed weather, time or calendar events. And most importantly, when working with any 3D application or game, incoming mail or SMS notification will not interfere with you and will be accurately displayed on the side of the curved face of the smartphone. The same can be attributed to watching video on your phone. Watch your favorite TV series and at the same time, without stopping the video, read the new notice. It’s really good. Hope Samsung would give this functionality in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well.