Selecting The Best Headset For Your Call Center

The amount of calls that a call center company is able to handle is the true measure of success and quality for a company in the call center industry. A regular call center agent is required to handle as much calls as possible within her 8-hour shift. The calls can even go up to a hundred in each shift depending on the duration of the calls. The company just makes sure that they are able to maximize the time and skills of their agents in every shift. If you have experienced talking to a call center agent before then you would have imagined a quiet and peaceful working environment due to the clarity of the conversation that you had. However, if you have already witnessed a call center office then you would realize that what you have initially thought of their office is actually the opposite. You see a bunch of people talking on their headsets with supervisors roaming around the office. The constant clutter and noise all around sum up the stressful atmosphere inside a call center company. This makes you wonder

Selecting The Best Headset For Your Call Center

how call center companies are able to manage to sound noise-free to their customers when the actual office is in fact very noisy.

Call centers are very competent when it comes to tools and technology that they can take advantage of in order to take their services to the next level and be on top of the game in the industry. Aside from the software or dialer that the company uses, another sought after tool that they always put into consideration are the headsets that their agents are going to use. When it comes to call center wireless headsets, there are actually a lot of brands and models that one can choose from out there. From generic types up to the most advanced and technical headsets, it is indeed confusing for call center managers to pick a headset that is perfect for their line of work. In order to trim down their preferences, it all boils down to the features that a headset can offer along with the price that tags along to it.

In case you still don’t know, there are already headsets out there that have noise-cancelling microphones installed. This type of headset is the most sought after by call center companies due to its wonderful feature. Here is a couple of noise cancelling microphones that you should check out.

1. Jabra BIZ 2300

This headset is the first noise-cancelling headset released by the company. This product was considered ground-breaking by a lot of companies in the IT & call center industry because it has finally achieved the noise-cancelling which is thought to be impossible years before it was released. The biggest concerns among call center companies such as “Will they hear me?” and “Will I hear them?” were finally put to an end with this product.

2. Jabra BIZ 2400

Just a few months after Jabra BIZ 2300 was released, this new product was right away launched in support of the former with much better features. Some glitches and flaws were fixed in this product. The noise filter is much sharper this time around and is more effective compared to its predecessor. The “air shock” feature which cancels unwanted noises such as breathing sounds was also further improved in this model.

3. Jabra Evolve 80

Another headset from Jabra features the active noise cancellation. Unlike the BIZ brothers, Evolve 80’s noise cancellation feature can be manually controlled. It can also actively counter low-frequency sounds which can help you achieve a noise-free conversation perfect for call center companies.