Soil Erosion: Top Helpful Ways To Conserve Soil

Soil Erosion: Top Helpful Ways To Conserve Soil

Soil, not only plays an important role in the growth of several things, but it has a major part to play in the producing of oxygen that human beings and animals breathe in. Even soil performs a wide range of ecosystem services such as water filtration and nutrient cycling.It also influences the lifespans of the highways and streets.

Good quality and healthy soil is the foundation for animal feed, food and also the fuel. It’s no secret that textiles, stones, bricks, and lumber all come from the soil. Nowadays, a few discoveries in the medical sector can also be linked to healthy soil.

However, soil erosion has become a major concern in many areas of land and have become one of the most common environmental problems.  Soil erosion is the blowing away / transportation and detachment of top fertile soil from its position to another place by moving, wind, rainfall mad other causes.

In most cases, soil erosion can be caused by several factors like deforestation, rainfall and many more. You can control soil erosion by finding remarkable ways to conserve soil. Let’s take a look at some erosion control methods that can be achieved through agricultural measures and practices.


Today, many natural forest cover in some areas has been already decreased because of heavy commercial activities. One of the major purposes this forest cover provided was the concentration of soil. Industries involved in construction activities can protect the soil by making sure that all these areas are conserved.


You can practice terrace farming by maximizing the topography of the land area. The land benefits how the rainwater moves naturally. Terrace farming is one of the best ways to control soil erosion and it’s also a proven way to stimulate growth from moist soil areas.


Yes, the plantation is a great method to control soil erosion. As the trees grow, the roots hold the soil securely in place and the soil is protected in many ways because of the existence of trees. The soil is protected from this plantation process.


You water crops, you also water plants, but have you ever watered the soil? You seldom do that. Watering the soil is a great and best way to conserve the soil.  Watering the soil along with the pants cab prevent soil erosion caused by heavy wind.


Wetlands can prevent soil erosion as they can absorb rainwater or act as natural sponges. Wetlands provide habitats for animals. Restoration of wetland is important they helps in reduces water pollution.


Digging technique destroys the soil structure by losing it up and making it a victim of wind and water erosion. So, it’s better to say no to digging techniques.

Soil can be conserved through the joint efforts that are made right now. So, in order to control soil erosion, it’s important to practice erosion control methods to conserve it.