Some Benefits and Requirements for Canadian Work Permit

Canada is like a paradise for all the skilled workers with lots of job options, diverse culture, stable democracy, vibrant city, good standard of living and liberal communities. The organization and industries of Canada are growing really faster and they employ numerous employs every year in bulk. As there is skill shortage in the country, they hire many people from across the country as well. The work permit for Canada is like a pathway for the one who is dreaming to work in Canada on a temporary basis. Immigration Consultants for Canada are there to help you out with the same.

Getting a Canada visa involves some major steps which you need to follow them quite carefully and then you are done with it. After you are done will all the documentation work you will get your visa in your hand. Canada immigration consultant will guide you in dealing with it.

About Canadian work permit:

This work permit which you could get by consulting Canada immigration consultant allows you to work and live in Canada for around four years. But before you apply for work permit in Canada you need to get an offer letter for the job from Canadian government or any private body. Every Canadian job has to pass through the approval of LMIA.

Some requirements for applying for work permit in Canada through immigration consultants for Canada:

  1. You should get a job offer for the employer of Canada.
  2. Your work permit must be approved from LMIA.
  3. Have a work with the immigration office before hand itself that you will be leaving Canada once your work permit get over.
  4. You must have sound health.
  5. You should not have any kind of criminal record so that you do not tend to be a threat to Canada.
  6. Convince your employer that you will not work for ineligible employers.
  7. You will also need to show the proof of your fund that you and stay with your family over there.
  8. Fulfill all other required criteria.

The key benefits of the work permit in Canada:

  1. Through this you could work and live in Canada for four years.
  2. Some of your eligible family members can also assist you for the migration.
  3. The one who is accompanying you can also study and work over there.
  4. You can also convey your work permit into permanent residency through CEC.

The time taken for the processing of Work Permit in Canada is somewhere between two to seven months. It also depends on few things like the nationality of the applicant, the process of verification, LMIA approval and the medical test. All these will be verified by immigration consultants of Canada.

Some other kind of visa offered by Canada Immigration consultant:

  1. Live in caregiver visa
  2. Temporary work visa
  3. Academic and cultural visa
  4. Post Graduation work visa
  5. Charitable or religion work visa

Knowing all these will help the processing of Canada Visa far easier and convenient. It does not involve any extra headache. Also check the new immigration plans year 2017.