Source Material Reference For Preparation and What To Carry For Driving Theory Test

Multiple-choice segment

Preparing for multiple choice segment of theory, you need to refer to the different source material given below.

Source materials to refer

Highway Code

Roads are used by pedestrians, vehicles, cycles, motorbikes and animals. It is necessary to know The Highway Code, which includes mandatory rules, guidelines, and advice. The mandatory rules, if disobeyed means criminal offence and consequence can be penalty or banned from driving or given penalty points.

Imprisonment is a possibility in most serious cases. Therefore, understanding and applying Highway Code decreases road casualties. The theory test identifies, whether you are eligible enough to get a valid driving license.

Learn the traffic signs

Road user’s behaviour is controlled directed and informed using traffic signs. It is necessary to make roads a safe route for all using it. Signs are of three kinds –

  1. Warning signs
  2. Information signs
  3. Order signs

Each kind differs in shape and colour.

Learning material from DVSA

Books are designed in the necessary skill range by DVSA. You get to learn about everything related to safe driving skills for life. Books include –

  • Text section for motorcyclists and e-book for the car drivers with references to help you learn and revise.
  • Mock up test
  • For every revision question, the DVSA provides official explanation, so candidates totally understand the solution.

How candidates can prepare?

  • Learn every topic’s background information
  • Sit for numerous practice tests to get the real test experience.
  • After each mock up test find where to improve and tailor your revision for further improvement.

Hazard perception segment

Video clips will be provided, which features daily road scenes. Every video clip includes minimum one developing hazard. Skills for detecting the danger on the basis of clues and perception are necessary for all kind of riders or drivers, irrespective of the vehicles they use.

DVSA learning guide for hazard perception

DVSA has designed a training DVD for hazard perception practice. You can order it online from

DVD includes examples and information about –

  • Looking for clues
  • Defining hazards
  • Manoeuvre routine
  • Prioritising hazards
  • Scanning & planning
  • Responding to hazards
  • Cutting down risks

Hazard perception section includes 14 video clips and multiple-choice segment comprises of 50 questions.

What to carry at the test centre?

Security measures help to avoid people taking theory and practical driving test, on behalf of someone else. For the test –

  • Plastic photo-card
  • Old style licence does not include a photo ID, so carry your valid passport
  • If you don’t have a valid passport then apply for new-style driving licence
  • Printed copy of confirmation email, which is not mandatory but good to be on safe side

If you misplaced, a single counterpart of your provisional licence then telephone the DVSA to attain a solution. You can have a new provisional licence re-issued, which can take a couple of weeks to reach your doorsteps. You may need to reschedule or cancel the theory test. However, do this before 3 full working days or you will not get the fees back.

Arrive on-time at the test centre or you will not be allowed to appear for the test.