How To Write A "How To;" A Guide In 700 Words Or Less

Steps To Become A Professional Content Writer

Have a quick look online and you’ll probably come across plenty of people who market themselves as content writers. It can be disheartening if you want to jump into this business. How on earth do you stand out and market yourself as a pro? How can you hope to get enough work to live on?

Truth is, not all content writers are the same. Some (many in fact) churn out staid, dull content for clients who want words to fill up their websites and nothing more. A small number earn more, write less and have glowing reviews from every client they get.

Want to be in this Number?

The first step is to get some experience. At this stage you may want to accept lower-paid jobs. After all you have to get experience and testimonials. It’s worth accepting a lower fee to write articles, blog posts and numerous other things in the beginning. It also gives you a chance to see what you are best at.

Research your work too. Your clients want good content – ideally great content. They will pay more for professional content writing services that deliver something great. Learn what the latest SEO rules are. Research your content. Fill it with facts delivered in a style that is appealing and demands people to read it. The more value you can pack into an article the better. This goes for all other content too.

Standing out from the crowd is hugely important. Accept that you will never be a perfect writer. That’s good – it means you can carry on improving. As you get better you can charge more for your services. Clients love a unique voice too. Establish this and you’ll establish a great customer base.

Many clients look for professional content writing services that will allow them to get regular content at a reasonable price. However, they know it is worth paying for professionally-written content as opposed to basic content that is dull and uninteresting. Can you supply this? It may take time to get to where you want to be, but practice does help.

It helps to try and present a different angle too. This holds true even if you are writing on a subject that has been written about dozens, if not thousands, of times before. Clients want to see content that is different from everything else out there. This will mean they can entice more people to visit their website and stay there for longer.

There’s a lot to think about here. Focus on finding more work, improving what you are offering and developing your writing skills at all times. You’ll be surprised how far this will take you. It could send you way beyond the competition – and that’s great news for you.