Survival Tips You Might Be Unfamiliar With

Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in a life or death situation but as life can throw us some curve balls from time to time, you just never know what’s around the corner. The best way to fight the unexpected is to be prepared for anything! Here, we take a look at some more unusual survival tips that you might never have heard but could just save your life one day:

No Signal?

Most survival situations are presented as being in the middle of nowhere with no signal on your mobile phone. If this happens then keep your phone switched on as, even if you can’t call or text, you will be leaving the digital equivalent of Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail. Ensure your family know this trick too so they can alert emergency services to it should anything happen to you. If your phone does work then calling the emergency services on 112 is possible even if the screen is locked on someone else’s device.

No Matches?

Have no ability to start a fire but do have a first aid kit? Then worry not as you can apply your medical supplies to more pressing needs if you’re not injured. Alcohol swabs and cotton balls can be used to start a fire and they’ll be even more flammable if you coat the cotton in petroleum jelly. Did you know that as well as being incredibly useful, duct tape is also flammable? An outdoor survival store can supply you with survival essentials.

Lost in the Woods?

If you have the means to start a fire, then don’t stop at one but light three. Three fires are an old distress signal meaning SOS and you’ll be making yourself much easier to spot from the air. If you’re heading out hiking or camping then make sure you stock up from Outdoor Survival Stores like AngloForro

Plane Crash?

If you’ve just survived a plane crash then increase your chances of being rescued and don’t go wandering off but stay with the plane wreckage if it’s safe to do so. It’s much easier for search and rescue teams to locate a sizeable wreckage than it is to find a small human body.

Getting Wild?

Finding yourself in the wilderness with the possibility of coming face-to-face with a bear is no laughing matter. Remember this simple rhyme to potentially save your life, ‘If it’s brown, get down. If it’s black, yell back’. Encountering a brown bear means you should assume the fetal position and play dead but the exact opposite for scaring off a black bear. You’ll want to make yourself as big and loud as possible if encountering black bears.

Survival Tips You Might Be Unfamiliar With

Been Stung?

Don’t be tempted to pull out bee stings as this only releases more venom, especially bad if you have an allergy. Scraping a bee stinger is the most effective and safest way to remove this painful inconvenience.

In Cold Water?

Suddenly plunging into very cold water, for whatever reason, is potentially lethal due to the instinctive reaction to swim hard. Cold water shock and panic makes us want to thrash about, try to swim and warm ourselves up but to survive, we need to fight this instinct. Gasping uncontrollably will make you more likely to breathe in water and drown. The best way to survive is to do as little as possible and float!