Taking Care Of Your Katana Sword

Congratulations on buying an original Japanese Katana; these things are hard to come by, and finding an authentic Japanese sword is a challenge indeed. Once you have acquired a suitable Katana, you will have to take care of the sword to prevent it from rusting and losing its structural integrity.

You will need some essentials in order to clean the sword – Choji oil, oil cloth, wiping paper, wiping cloth and an uchiko ball (which is a ball that contains ground stone powder). Do make sure that you have all the materials laid out before you when you clean a katana.

  • The first step is to apply the oil on the oil cloth and remove the katana form the saya. Now, remove the debris settled in the saya.
  • With the abrasive debris eliminated from the saya, you can now use the oil cloth to wipe down the blade gently. Make sure that the katana is pointed upwards. Wipe the blade from the bottom to the top, making sure that your fingers don’t touch the edge of the blade.
  • Once you are done wiping the blade, use the wiping paper to wipe off excess oil from the blade. Make sure that most of the oil is eliminated before moving on to the next step.
  • Then, use the uchiko ball to tap the powder on to the blade. Do this carefully on both sides, ensuring that the entire blade is covered with powder. Then, use a wiping paper to clean off the powder from the blade.
  • Use the same oil cloth to wipe down the blade once again, in the same fashion – right from the bottom of the blade to its top. Now the blade is clean and ready to be replaced back into the saya.

An authentic katana is made of carbon steel, which tends to rust when it lacks maintenance. Regular cleaning of your sword will keep the same in its peak performance level at all times. Buying an authentic Japanese sword online can be a daunting experience. At www.Martialartswords.com, you can choose from some of the best and authentic katana swords that fit your budget and performance needs to the hilt. Once you have shortlisted the options that meet with your immediate and specific requirements, go ahead and purchase a sword online you will not be disappointed to see a priceless collectible coming your way!