The Basics Of Pilates, And The Myths Associated With Pilates

The Basics Of Pilates, And The Myths Associated With Pilates

Being a health enthusiast, I am always in lookout for things which promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. But, I recommend them only when I know that the benefits are difficult to overlook. Hence, we will talk about a new form of workout that I have been reading about lately.

For those of you who are wondering what pilates is,

Pilates pronounced as puh-lah-teez, is a form of yoga that stresses on your body’s core, citing a few like your abdomen, obliques, inner and outer thigh, your butt, lower back, and your several distinct body parts.

The advantages of adopting pilates over different other exercises are,   

Pilates is focused more on the actual requirements of the athlete’s body and operates on increasing the strength of the athlete, improve the flexibility of the body, grow up muscular endurance, enhances coordination and balance, and assists sustain a good posture.

Pilates is different from a gym, you can’t follow one predefined movement of your body while attempting pilates like you do in the gym with the equipment. The moves can be totally different every time you try it.

Every move in pilates has a different version of it which is more difficult to master, so the very moment you think you have perfected the move, the variation of the move steal the happiness.

From safety perspective,

Adopting pilates as a routine workout method lowers the chances of injuries up to a large extent due to several factors like

  • Highly qualified trainers available
  • Less complex and easy to practice process
  • Regular pilates programs offered by fitness centers
  • No gym equipments are required

Does it even exist?

The answer to this is yes, pilates is a very popular workout method, and believe it or not there are many Hollywood stars like the sizzling hot Amanda Seyfried, the gorgeous Anna Faris and Anna Paquin, the Twilight series star Ashley Greene, the beautiful divas Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, and few others have adopted and recommend pilates. You can check out the list here.

3 myths related to pilates that people need to avoid

Like every new form of workout that challenges the conventional or popular workout methods, the people develop misconceptions or myths and blindly follow them until someone awares of the truth. Here are few myths related to pilates that are seriously invalid and people need to stop believing them now.   

  • Pilates is best for losing weight: Pilates helps in losing weight, yes it’s true, but helping in losing weight is definitely not the only advantages of pilates, and neither the best part. Improving the flexibility and improving the body postures, also with regular practice of pilates you can never go out of shape.
  • It’s a female thing, males should be in gym’s: This is one of the most illogical myth regarding pilates, men and women are equally eligible for adopting pilates in their workout routine, and it has the same benefits on both the male and female body types excluding few custom ones. The fact that pilates was invented by a man Joseph Pilates, and a number of male athletes like Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and few others use pilates as a complementary part of the workout with their usual weight training and cardio. So, let go of this myth and incorporate pilates as a part of  your routine workout.
  • Pilates are best for abs: Pilate exercise focuses on the core parts and improves the abdominal muscle endurance. An average pilate exercise performed in gym focuses more on abdominal activities, hence the myth spread like fire that pilates is only for abs.

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