The Golden Drone Hubsan H501S Pro  

Let your fantasies fly high in the sky with this bright golden and white colour drone Hubsan H501S Pro. This RTF drone has all that it takes to be a seductive drone from an onlooker viewpoint. When you fly this drone on a water body such as the lake under the clear sunny sky, it truly creates a mesmerising effect on the onlookers. The rotating four blades on its four arms create a symphony under the broad daylight. However, this drone is also available in another colour variant in the mix of black and golden colours. You can use this drone productively with a view to shooting your expeditions on a hilly track, for instance.

Key areas of Hubsan H5015S Pro:

  • HD (high definition) camera: The Hubsan H501S Pro drone is equipped with a powerful 1080P HD camera that shoots images with the laser sharp precision. The best part is that it has the sensor to auto adjust the altitudinal effects on images. Hence, you get the flawless images immediately transmitted to your device.
  • Flight time: You will be glad to know that this RTF drone has an average flying time of 18-20 minutes, a fairly long session for a photo/video shoot.
  • Faster transmission: This is yet another surprise with this device to many of you who may be using it for the first time. It has perhaps the fastest real time video transmission among the drones in its class at 5.8G FPV (first person view), a truly amazing speed acknowledged by the real users.
  • Auto return: Since the device is GPS enabled and can correspond even with the smartphone, you will have the flexibility of setting things like the auto return to home. It means after you choose the correct options such as follow me, altitude mode, as well as the return to home, you will have opportunities to unwind in a relaxed mind as you can set the parameters in advance. That’s the catch.
  • Travel distance: Travel distance of this quadcopter is equally good at 300m from the starting point.
  • Software availability: Any software upgrade is available online for free. As such, the ownership of this drone can really be an unforgettable experience.
  • Powerful battery: Like all other drones of its class, this drone runs on a powerful battery. A 7.4V 2700mAh 10C battery is fitted with this drone while the transmitter would need four units of 1.5V AA battery. The brushless motor of this drone produces high energy instantaneously.
  • Charging time: The average charging time of the battery is close to 2-3 hours.

To know more here, we recommend you to buy this drone at the first place. It is ideal for kids above 14 years.