The Key Is To Empty Wardrobes, Cupboards, Cabinets and The Library In Advance

When the moving day is around the corner and you are hurrying to do as much things as possible so to make everything ready for the move, then you probably want to have enough time to check and double-check everything as well. The good preparation and organization of your belongings is the most important thing, which will ensure a smooth and quick relocation. The key for this is to do the small things in advance and not underestimate them. For example, empty the wardrobes, the cupboards and the library.

Let`s get started with the library, because the other two contain items that you may need to use until the last moment of the moving day. Sort and prepare the library for the move as soon as possible or right after you find a removal company. The books may look small and easy for packing, but because they are numerous – they require lots of time for preparation. Not to mention that the easy way is to pack all the books and magazines in just one huge box, which indeed may turn into a real issue. The reason is the weight of the books, which seem light and small, but when packed/piled together – they become very heavy. That`s why a great tip is to pack at much as a dozen medium size books in one box. It is easier for orientation, loading and handling in the removal van, as well as when unboxing and arranging the library in the new house.

The kitchen items are usually huge and heavy, but there are also plenty of small objects like cups, decorative cups, vases and other decorative elements, that you want to prepare at least a week before the move. Leave enough cups, plates and other important items that you can use until the moving day, but pack most of them in advance. This will give you enough time to make the right organization of the kitchen appliances and of the other objects. Empty the cupboards even earlier if you plan to take the cupboards in the new house too. In this way, you will have enough time to clean and dismantle the cupboards for easier handling if needed. The packing of the cups requires a lot of time, because each individual cup should be wrapped in old newspapers or with another textile sheet as a protection from vibrations and scratches. Ask your removal agency whether they offer special rental boxes for cups, which have inner liners that are especially designed for cups. Then, empty all other kitchen cabinets and prepare all the items for the move. The small objects may look easy for packing, but they often require more time than the biggest objects. That`s why start with the sorting and de-cluttering in the kitchen at least a month before the move.

Emptying the wardrobes in the bedrooms is another overwhelming task, which requires to take your free time and not to hurry in the last moment. Here, you should spend more time in sorting and de-cluttering, which is the best way to reduce the number of the items and thus of the removal boxes. Check out the condition of every item and accessory, then, decide whether you really want to take it with yourself. There is no need to rent a big van and use more boxes, only to see that you want to get rid of some clothes right after unboxing in the new house. Put off aside the useless items in advance; sell in second-hand stores; donate to charity. In this way, you will reduce the number of the bags and boxes for the items from the wardrobes, which usually take a major part of all the removal boxes.