The Most Mind Numbing Train Journeys In India

The Most Mind Numbing Train Journeys In India

Before making a hurried booking for a flight ticket, consider these rail journeys and see if the destination you are heading to comes somewhere in any of these routes. If yes, then you are in for some delight!

  1. The Darjeeling Delight

The scene sketches in movies are motivated from genuine views, and the Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling rail trip can be a perfect dream. Seeing tea pickers with wicker container strapped to their head, the whiff of tea ranches, and the mists plunging down the mountains, is a sight that leaves the voyagers murmuring in amazement. Likewise, this very rail voyage is a World Heritage Site subsequent to 1999. So if you are looking for those tempting Darjeeling tour packages, then make arrangements for this route. No more convincing required here!

  1. Adventure ride to Rameshwaram

Envision being carried from the center of an ocean to an island, not through a vessel, but rather on a smooth extension which is somewhere in the range of hundred meters over the ocean! This extreme exciting background can be experienced while in transit to Pamban Island in Rameshwaram. The extension is the second longest bridge in India and is really limited, making it a standout amongst the most hazardous rail ventures in the nation. Unquestionably not for the cowardly!

  1. The Winter Wonder

This excursion ought to be embraced in the winter to get an astounding sight of the snow topped mountains and Chinar trees escorting through the way. The Qazikund-Baramulla ride over the Kashmir Valley is one of those where one would wish for the time to pause. The perspectives from the window may take a few breaths away. Are you game?

  1. The Great Goan Expedition

Who could envision that the excursion while returning back home from Goa could be one to anticipate? Going through Vasco Da Gama in Goa to Londa in Karnataka is in itself a trip loaded with a dollop of aspects to brighten up one’s spirit. Absorb the perspectives of the gushing waters of the Dudhsagar Falls spouting out of the green mountains while the train passes overlooking the site. Woah!

  1. The Toy Train of Himalayas

The popular Shimla-Kalka toy train is not just beautiful to look at from far off, but is also a wonderful side trip which takes one through some exciting twists while advancing through a marvelous sun-kissed green scene. Remember to snatch the seat by the window. Shimla as it is one of the finest hill station packages in whole that one could look for in north India, and such a journey to the beautiful hill station can add cherries on top.