The Real Purpose Of A Car’s Body Styling Kit

Body styling kits are a simple way to upgrade a car’s exterior. They are relatively inexpensive extras that can be fitted to the outside of a car to give it a whole new look. All sorts of cars can have styling kits fitted, from classic cars to brand new vehicles. Often made from simple materials such as fibreglass, these extras are lightweight, and shouldn’t affect the performance of a car. So, other than looking good, what advantages do body styling kits have? Why would drivers install them on their car?

Side Skirts

Side skirts are a common sight on modified cars. They attach to the side of the vehicle, and cover the gap between the car’s body and the road. Some drivers like that they give the appearance of a lowered car, and they add an interesting design feature to certain cars, making them seem sleeker.

Side skirts are often used on heavy goods vehicles, and when installed on lorries they can make the vehicle more aerodynamic. This can improve speed and cut down fuel consumption. On a normal car, the effects won’t be as obvious, but some drivers think it cuts down on ‘drag’, and race cars sometimes have side skirts installed by specialist panel beaters.

Bumper Splitters

A simple fibreglass component that attaches to a bumper, these components are designed to make the car more aerodynamic at high speeds. By splitting the bumper, more air is allowed through, meaning there’s less of a drag. A lip kit can also be installed, which simply changes the shape of the bumper, improving the downforce. It’s important to ensure that the car’s bumper is still effective in a crash, and by going to a garage that specialises in smash repairs, the driver will be able to ensure their car will still be safe.


Spoilers are again, installed for performance and to make a car more aerodynamic, but unless the car is used for racing, then not much difference will be felt. However, they are an interesting cosmetic feature, and can make a car look more desirable. Those who want spoilers installed should visit Perth body shop K&W Panel Beating, or their local specialist, as they’ll be able to advise on what would best suit the driver’s needs.

Body styling kits look cool, and can increase the value of a vehicle, but are they worth installing? Certain features can make cars more aerodynamic, so drivers who are driving on high-speed roads a lot may find they improve performance. However, for many drivers, they’ll simply be attractive additions to your car. It’s important that body kits are properly installed, declared to insurance companies, and are of high quality. By getting professionals to install a kit, the driver is more likely to keep their car safe, and to make the most of these additions to their car. Some kits can also be complex, and shouldn’t be added by anyone who doesn’t have a lot of mechanical experience.