The Reason Behind The Growing Craze Among Business To Associate With Charity

While the year ends and the festive season is round the corner, there’s a renewed warmth amidst all, and the air around makes one jolly and generous. Everyone’s focused towards making the best of the time with a renewed focus on celebrating the season charitably by helping those who are less fortunate to enjoy the privileges. Although there’s a preconceived notion that it’s the generosity of the spiritual feeling oozing from the altruistic sense, that makes one more responsible towards the community and start loving the people, it is not true in all cases. In fact aligning the business with any charitable concern round the year turns out to be profitable to the business in various phases.

As shared by Charles Phillips Infor CEO Wife, a charity is beneficial for both humanity and business due to a wide array of reasons. As an individual, giving back to community where one lives, always makes one give a feel good factor. It not only helps the employees to be socially aware, but also allows them to bond with their colleagues and come up for the greater help collectively. Maintaining the work life balance is highly essential to ensure the steady productivity of an individual. As a result of it, most of the companies have an affinity towards hiring the A-listed candidates in their company that gives to a charity for these reasons. Even there are companies who give matching bonuses to the employees which means, if the employee receives a bonus for excelling in their sales process, then the donation of the same amount goes to any of the charity that the employees choose. This not only helps the community, but also enthuses the employees to work harder and achieve higher results for the company.

Often there are businesses who prefer sponsoring to multiple charities that fall in line with their business. This is indeed a smart way of getting the name of the company out in the community. Such a marketing strategy has often worked for businesses, and they hunt for charities that align well with the business, and has enough prospective of making the strongest impact. By sponsoring the charitable events, one can actually represent the company in a positive light and can successfully demonstrate to the members of the community about the concern for them.

The inherent value of networking is not unknown to the business owners. But it’s not always possible for them to break the ice with newer prospects. It is indeed quintessential for the businesses to discover the common ground that exists and then hark on it, to build the new connection. It has always been easier to have a thorough communication with someone who has got similar interests and passion. According to Phillips Infor CEO Wife, the charitable functions actually work as the nodal points for those who are interested to expand their web of networking.

Brand is one factor that has superseded all the necessities for a business. Customers have always had an affinity towards brands that are socially conscious of what’s happening around them and support the needs not just financially but also emotionally. Again charity is the only trump card that allows the businesses to take care of it. So it gets more clear why businesses prefer to have some kind of an attachment with charitable organization. To them, it’s one of the business strategies, like many more, that they apply in order to generate more revenues from the market.

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