The Truth Behind Top Skin Care Label Lies

The Truth Behind Top Skin Care Label Lies

We are a very trusting nation, so when a skin care expert makes claims about a certain product or therapy, we are compelled to pay attention. However, here are some truths that top skin care labels would rather keep to themselves.

Dermatologically-tested Products

One would think that a product proudly displaying ‘tested by a dermatologist’ is one that is industry-recommended. On the contrary, however, many items labelled dermatalogically-tested have only actually been tested for bad reactions and have by no means been approved by the professional for the properties the product claims to have. Brands can get away with so much simply by manipulating wording, so this might make you think twice before you jump to any conclusions.

All-natural Products

The world has gone crazy over organic goods in the last decade, so what could be more appealing than the idea of all-natural ingredients to treat our skin woes? But yet again, cosmetic companies are able to fool their audiences by falsely claiming that a product is ‘organic’ when in fact it isn’t. Did you know that products only have to have 95% all-natural ingredients to be classed as organic, or 70% when being said to have been made with organic ingredients? So, unless a product clearly states that it’s 100% organic, you can bet that at least 5% of the ingredients are non-organic and therefore far from the expectation you had when you purchased the item.

The Truth Behind Top Skin Care Label Lies

Items for Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic is another term that makes us stop and listen. Though the word sounds authentically professional, the FDA indicates that this powerful marketing tool actually has very little meaning in the dermatology industry, meaning that consumers are once again being led down a path of disillusionment. As such, why spend a fortune on so-called natural products when you could buy products of equal quality without the high price tag, such as the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set (

So why should we trust anything the big brands say?

It has to be said that not all brands use deceit and lies to market their products. The key is to be sharp and aware when shopping for any kind of cosmetic item, and make it your business to look into what is contained within its list of ingredients.