The WIC (Women, Infant and Children's) Nutritional Program Can Help Single Mothers

The WIC (Women, Infant and Children’s) Nutritional Program Can Help Single Mothers

The main qualification factor for WIC is to be an expectant mother or the mother of a child that is under the age of five. You must also qualify based on income, residency and nutritional risk.

Many young mothers don’t know where to turn to for help (source). Mainly, because they are uneducated in what WIC can do for them.

To be eligible income wise, you must be 185% below the US poverty guidelines based on your family size. You must have proof of adults that live with you. Proof of your income, could come from your last two or three paychecks. WIC guidelines are less stringent than other programs. If you already receive Food Stamps or Medicare, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, you will automatically qualify for the WIC program.

Residency can be approved by bringing in energy bills of your house that are in your name. You will also need a photo ID of yourself to prove who you are. You must be able to prove that you are the adult of the child/children that you claim are yours.

Nutritional risk can be proved by showing you are over or under weight, diabetic or other illness, anemic, and pregnancy complications. Some States may require you to fill out a medical form, others don’t. Each State is different.

Once you are approved, it is usually for a three to six month period. You will receive a monthly coupon package good for three months. Every six months you will be re-evaluated. More than one person can qualify per household.

Infants to 6 months cab receive a voucher for formula, if they aren’t being breastfed. Children 6 months to one year can get a voucher for cereal and juice.

Breastfeeding mothers can get a voucher for things like milk, juice, peanut butter, tuna, cheese, eggs, and cereal.

Pregnant mothers and children ages 1 to 5 can get vouchers for eggs, cereal, milk, juice, cheese, peanut butter, and dried beans.

To apply for the WIC program, you need to contact your local County or State Association. You can find them at the WIC web site. You can find other information there as well.

Many mothers don’t know where to turn for nutritional help. The WIC program was designed to help mothers that are faced with tough decisions.