Things to Consider Before Finalizing a Wedding Stationer

Among others, wedding is one of the biggest invitations in every person’s life. Preparation from everything from dresses, venue, jewelry, music, invitations start around 6 months before the event.

Wedding invitations are a crucial part of wedding function. It requires lot of time to finalize a design for wedding invitation. This guide will brief you some points, which you should ask the wedding stationer before getting your invitations finalized.

Things to Consider 

  • Research

It is important that before finalizing a wedding stationer, you spend considerable amount of time in searching. It will include searching for the wedding stationers falling in your budget category. You can search for wedding stationers online.

Make sure that you contact at least 10 vendors to get an idea of prices and designs trending in the market. For this, you can also take references from friends and relatives. Hiring a wedding stationer whom your acquaintances have previously dealt, will ensure that you get better product at reasonable cost.

  • Ask the Wedding Stationer for Recent Real Designs

After searching for wedding stationers online, shortlist at least 5 – 6 vendors from them. After that, visit their shops individually to enquire about the latest real examples of wedding invitations. Such examples will give you a clear idea about the quality and designs of invitations, which the vendor supplies.

Nowadays, there are options to contact the vendors and see designs online. However, try to spare some time and visit the shop. This is because online picture of wedding invitation won’t give you an idea of real product quality. Moreover, sometimes, there’s wide difference between what you see online and what you get in real.

  • Ask About Printing

There are various kinds of printing available for wedding invitations depending upon the price. Usually, engraved printing is costlier in comparison to digital printing. Hence, make sure that you enquire the stationer about the printing suitable to your wedding invitation design. Make sure that you clarify the wedding stationer about your budget.

This is important since if you don’t tell the stationer about your budget, he might offer you some products which don’t fall in your budget. Hence, instead of wasting your time later on, clarify everything initially.

  • Clarify About Customized Invitation Cards

Some couples like customized wedding invitation cards. In such cases, it is important that you clarify about the same with the stationer. Moreover, it is important to ask the stationer if there will be any additional charges for such customization. In case, stationer is trying to charge you extra amount in the name of customization, look for some other alternatives. You can reach out to fall wedding invites for such customized wedding invitations at affordable price.

  • About Eco-Friendly Cards

Eco-friendly wedding cards are getting popular these days. However, there are only few wedding stationers who use recycled papers or other environmental friendly materials to make wedding invitations. You can search online for wedding stationers who deal with eco-friendly wedding invitations.


Hope this guide will help you to choose a good wedding stationer.