Things To Consider While Choosing Your First Tripod

You have finally decided to buy yourself a tripod, right? Tripods may not appear as one of the most high-tech photo accessories as compared to fancy lenses, flash systems or other electronic widgets, but this plays a significant role in creating the difference between successful shots and blurry smears.

Why Should You Use a Tripod?

If you are new to photography, you must be wondering: why should I buy a tripod instead of the fancy gear that my friends are using?

You need to use a tripod as that ensures stability.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a tripod, quickly.

A Tripod:

  • Helps to enhance the sharpness as well as depth of the field in the images
  • Allows to rest heavy camera gear
  • Aids in increasing the quality of images by keeping camera ISO low
  • Ensures careful composition, framing the shot the way you need it
  • Allows to shoot HDR as well as panoramic shots
  • Facilitates better shooting of objects like planets, stars and the Moon
  • Allows to click self-portraits with camera timer
  • Allows to click macro photos
  • Aids in shooting impossible or difficult angles
  • Helps to shoot shake-free videos

All Tripods are Not Created Equal

Getting overwhelmed by the sheer variety of tripods is easy. With the tripod materials ranging from plastic and aluminum to carbon fiber, it’s tough to know where you should start.

You need to decide on the type of tripod you would like to use before you move on to choose the right brand. All tripods are not equal. It’s not tough to purchase the right tripod, either. You simply need to ask a few questions to determine the right type of tripod you should purchase.

Types of Tripods

Different types of tripods are available now to meet your requirement. Let’s check out on them.

Pocket Tripod

This is a life saver if you get in the mood to capture a family picture all of a sudden and don’t want yourself to be out of the frame at any cost. These are quite handy and you can easily carry the pocket tripods to restaurants and parties.

You can use one to capture

  • Group shots
  • Self-portraits
  • Party pictures

Tabletop Tripods

The tabletop tripods are perfect for taking group pictures. They are light and easy to pack and are thus perfect to be carried while you are on a trip.

You can use one to capture

  • Group shots
  • Self-portraits
  • Close – up or macro photos
  • Travel photos

Travel Tripods

Possible to be folded into an easy to carry size, these are great for biking and hiking trips.

You can use one to capture

  • Travel
  • Nature
  • Amateur videos

Medium Duty Tripods

The medium duty tripods are between the heavyweight studio tripods and the lightweight portable ones. They are possible to use for nature photography as well as studio jobs.

You can use one to capture

  • Bird and wildlife
  • Nature
  • Weddings
  • Sports
  • Macro or close – up photography

Sturdy Duty/Studio Tripods

The studio tripods are chiefly used by the professional photographers who buy a specific type of tripod befitting a given need.

You can use one for

  • Advertising
  • Studio photography
  • Still pictures

Since this is your first tripod, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing it. Here is your checklist.


You need to consider the weight of the tripod from different perspectives.

First, you or someone else will be carrying the tripod. So, if you plan to take it on trips, opt for a lightweight one; that will be easier to carry.

Second, consider the camera that your tripod will need to bear. If you have a lightweight camera, the lighter options will be fine. But if you use a DSLR with huge lenses, invest in something that can carry the weight.


You need to check out on the stability quotient before zeroing in on a choice. Test it properly; will it be sturdy on windy days?


Depending upon the type of photography, your height requirements will vary. Think of the maximum height that you may require. Leaning throughout the day to check the framing of shots is certainly not something you would prefer.

Hopefully, the above-discussed factors will help you to choose your first tripod and other photography accessories. Wish you all the best in your venture.