Things To Look For In A Hosted ERP Solution

Whether it’s as purchasing, sorting, manufacturing, sales, marketing or customer relations, the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will improve the efficiency of your business operations by providing a technical medium that all your employees can interact with. The software of Dynamics GP hosting gives your workers an interface that allows them to enter in data that can be transmitted all throughout the network, allowing operations to be monitored in real time. To discover whether the ERP solution you’re looking at is right for you, just check out this simple three step guide.

  1. Specified Use

Your employees are divided into different roles, so your hosted ERP must be versatile enough to be customized for different workers for different tasks. For example, the way Dynamics GP hosting works is to provide different modules for operations like financial accounting, payroll and human resources, managing your supply chain, accounting for projects and tasks, and field service management. For the sake of simplicity, each user should have access to only the information relevant to their job. Furthermore, if your company operates in other countries, than your ERP should also be able to provide data localized to that country, such as the unit of measurement or the currency that country uses.

  1. Mobile Users

Conducting business operations isn’t just for your office computer or even your laptop any more. Due of the rise of smart phones and tablets, more and more workers are accessing their data and workflows through these mobile devices. And since employees can take their work anywhere they want, productivity has increased and downtime has been slashed. In addition, your workers can input business data from anywhere, even other countries. This means your hosted ERP should also be accessible to mobile users. Hosted Dynamics GP, for instance, recently offered a HTML5 web client that allows the ERP to interface with mobile devices. With the use of ERPs like Dynamics GP hosting, your business operations should know no boundaries.

  1. Evaluate Your Company

Setting up ERP hosting should not be a rash decision. You should involve important stakeholders early on to gauge their input. Run an evaluation on your company first. Learn what your priorities are. Ask what you need from your hosted ERP solution. Make a plan on how you will integrate the ERP into your operations. See if you have to change your existing software to interface with the ERP solution. You will also have to train your employees to use the new hosted system. Plan for this in advance. Make sure the training can proceed in an efficient and time appropriate manner. Also be aware of possible upheavals in your chain of employees. It’s even possible that installing a hosted ERP could result in employee reshuffling or cause some positions to no longer be necessary. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your prospective hosting service for support. Ask them questions about implementation.

When you’ve found everything you want in a hosted ERP system, it’s just a matter of preparation. It’s well worth the costs you put into it, and in time you’ll understand why many businesses invest in these hosted services.