Tips For Dressing Up While Being Pregnant

If you think being pregnant will eliminate your chance of being the same stylish and trendy person that you are than you are wrong. There are thousands of maternity clothing out there which can make you look as stylish and comfortable as you are in your regular day.

No matter what month you are in or no matter what kind of bump you have, the different maternity clothing options will make you make the most of the this wonderful experience of having a baby.

What type of clothing you should wear?

Just like your regular life, you cannot just wear everything that you see in the stores. There are certain types of cloths that you wear according to your body, similarly when you are pregnant; you must wear cloths according to your body and new shape. This article aims to provide you information about all the basic body types and what would suit your body type the best.

  1. The big body type:

Pregnancy may have different effects on different bodies, some women may get a big belly and that’s all while most women may gain some extra weight on the overall body. This gaining of weight may make you look bigger than your actual size, no matter what your actual size was. But worry not, you won’t have to still wear the same size cloths and hurt your body, there are other options for you such as the use of soft fabric cloths or prints of longer lines will suit you the best.

You can always go with a soft knee length dress, that doesn’t have much visible print. You can cover the dress with a long jacket or coat so that you will get a long and lean look. You can always go for the maternity coats, they suit almost everyone.

  1. If your belly is low:

If your belly is growing lower it means you are carrying your child in lower position which means you have to go for dresses that are soft on the waistline. Or you can go with below the bump pants, they will also help you in position your belly perfectly.

Yu can go for sweatpants with a soft color, loose tee and some really cool sandals to create your own everyday look.

  1. If you are carrying high:

If your belly is popping up, you can still make some stylish maternity looks. You can use the different color items to separate your belly and bust. You can use several items from your current closet to make your maternity looks.

You can use high waist skirts or you can go with the long maxi dresses to get your perfect maternity look.

  1. If you are the small body type:

You are the type who doesn’t put on any weight; you can do tons for creating your own maternity look. You can simply pull on some skinny jeans yours with a sweater and if you want to accessorize yourself add a small belt too. You can also go with graphic tights or tops. Printed dresses can work for you too.

Author’s bio:

Jenna has been writing about pregnancy wear since a very long time. She says it’s important that you spend time on what you are wearing during your pregnancy because that can have some positive effect on you and your child.