Tips To Prepare For CLAT 2017

CLAT also known as Common Law Admission Test is a non-statutory body which is created underneaththe Memorandum of Understanding or MoU. It was created for the convenience and accessibility of the the students who are seeking to take admission in the various National Law Universities of the country. An entrance test has to be conducted in order to provide a list of all the candidates on the basis of merit and preferences and provide it to each University for the admission of under graduate and post graduate programs. These lists are prepared according to criteria of the universities, reservations and eligibility of the student. CLAT 2017 is an all-India entrance examination which is conducted rotationally by 17 National Law Universities for admissions for the Under-Graduate as well as Post-Graduate degree programs.

Understanding the CLAT Syllabus and Pattern of CLAT 2017Exam

The CLAT 2017 exam is total of 200 marks and comprises of 200 questions. The following is how the CLAT Syllabus is divided:
1. English which includesComprehension of 40 Marks 
2. Current Affairsor General Knowledge of 50 Marks 
3. Basic Mathematics to check your numerical ability of 20 Marks
4. Legal GK without legal reasoning of 45 Marks
5. Logical Reasoning of 45 Marks

How to Prepare for the Sections of CLAT Syllabus

  • Preparation for the General Knowledge

General Knowledge carries 50 Marks which is 25% of the 200 marks. It is essential for the candidate to be well versed with GK. For this one should:
1. Read Good Newspapers for example The Hindu. 
2. Referto competitive Magazines like CSR or Competition Master
3. Keep on searching Internet for all the latest updates and news. 
4. Refer to Law related websites for latest updates of Legal GK. 
5. Pay Attention to News on a daily basis.

  • Preparation for Legal GK

Legal GK is the toughest among all and carries about 45 Marks. For this, these things can help: 
1. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news of court cases and laws. 
2. Browse the Internet for all the latest law news. 
3. Think logically about reading news and about how the decisions are made by courts.

  • Prepare for Reasoning

Reasoning is the easiest part and carries a whole 45 Marks. For improving your reasoning, do the following:  
1. Get a good book for studying the reasoning topics. 
2. One requires to practice a lot. 
3. Do check some sample question papers. 
4. Try Solving as many you can in the minimum possible time.

  • Prepare for English

English is a very important part and carries about 40 Marks. English should be considered very important. 
1. Get a good English book for yourself likeWren and Martin. 
2. Lay more stress on your Reading andGrammar skills. 
3. Go through all the sample questions. 
4. Try increasingthe speed of your reading.

  • Prepare for Math

Math carries minimum marks of 40. More and more practice can help you incracking math 
1. Learn all algebraic formulasofmaths. 
2. Work on Math topics like profit and loss and percentage. 
3. Avoid to use calculator. 
4. Resolve as many questions as possible in less of time.

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