Top 10 Red Flowers For Your Wedding

Weddings are all about love and emotions – So, to promote this special day, red flowers are the best options. Because no flower has that much ability to do well, than the red flowers. They are the ultimate benchmark of passionate love as associated with the color of the heart. Lovers and youngsters mostly take help of red flowers to express their feelings and love towards their sweethearts.

Top 10 Red Flowers For Your Wedding

The unbeatable fact is that a wedding and the budget hardly goes hand-in-hand. Therefore, most of the Newlyweds choose roses as they are red plus easily available in the budget. But, roses delivered online takes proper care and makes efforts to keep them long lasting and prevent them from wilt or wither.

Let’s see different red color flowers that can simply express your feelings to the recipient.

1) Red Roses : Roses are considered as the most enchanting flower from all. They come in different colors that represent deep love, concentration and intelligence. Red roses are the most lovely known symbol of love. It represents appreciation and fidelity and stands the strongest message of love.

Red roses are vastly selling on valentine’s day when lovers present each other beautiful red roses and express and commit their boundless love. Thus, red roses equal passion, desire and love.

2) Petunia : This is a pretty red flower which blooms in variegated shades of red and white or white and yellow or white and purple. This is the most popular flower and well-known for its beautiful look. This attractive flower denotes resentment, haughtiness and anger over something the recipient has done.

3) Trumpet Creeper : This flower looks like musical instrument trumpet that’s why it is named as trumpet creeper. It is high-climbing woody vine creeper that is capable for growing as tall as 40 feet. It is available in red, orange and yellow colors.

4) Cardinal : This flower comes in different colors such as scarlet bloom, crimson and deep red. This flower is native to North and Central America and it is closely related to the species of genus lobelia.

5) Anthurium : This flower category is a tropical and its name came from Greek word which means ‘tail flower’. it has a heart shaped, a glossy flower which surrounds the true flower which blooms in the form of a spike at the center. It comes in different shades like lilac, pink, brown and green. It denotes happiness, hospitality and abundance.

6) Red Pygmy Water Lily : The pygmy water lily is a miniature to lilies which is native to Meghalaya. It has bright red blooms with stunning yellow stamens in the center. It represents innocence and friendship. This can be a heart stealer.

7) Poppy : Poppy is a wild flower that denotes rebirth and death and is used by so many countries on Remembrance day. This vibrant large red flower comes with broad petals with dark spots at the base.

8) Anemone : This scarlet flower with the yellowish or white center is native to Mediterranean region. They are available in different shades like deep purple, pink, magenta and even in two colored shades with a white and pale base with colorful blooms.

9) Star Cluster : Star cluster is a five petals flower and comes in different colors like white, lavender, pink and purple. Some of them are also having two-toned shades. They often attract butterflies and hummingbirds by its sweetest smell.

10) Red Carnation : They found in a vast range of colors and express fascination, love and distinction in general. They symbolizes charity, deep love, affection and admiration.

Final Touch

From above categories, you can choose any flower or flower combination in your wedding to express your deep love and make the day most special. Happy wedding!