Top 3 Best Budget Shavers Of This Year

Just a few years back, electric shavers stood nowhere in comparison to a manual one, as far as the closeness and comfort of shave was concerned. They were suited only for dry operation, which was another disadvantage. However, in those few years, we have come a long way- and now you can get electric shavers that can do it all- much easily and with better efficiency as compared to manual shavers.

There are several brands and models of electric shavers in the market. This complicates things a little- but do not let that worry you. To help you with just that, we have rounded up reviews of 3 of the most affordable electric shavers in the market at present.

1. Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center

Braun manufactures some of the finest electric shavers in the market, and the 9090cc is the perfect example of that. It makes use of an OptiFoil Head along with quadruple cutting action. Both these things combine to make it an excellent shaver. It works great even if you have hair that grows in different directions- something that not many razors can accomplish. The blade never comes into contact into skin, yet delivers the closest shave, which means you will never have skin cuts from the razor.

The cleaning system in this shaver deserves a special mention. It has a cleaning and charging station, which automatically makes take care of both the tasks without any effort from you. Once you place the trimmer in this station, it will charge the unit, remove the leftover hair and any other debris and dry it as well. Only the cleaning solution needs replacement once a while. The shaver has a display pane that lets you know about the current battery level and hygiene status of the unit. Instantgrooming reviewed that with an hour of charging, you get around 50 minutes of cordless operation with the shaver. It also has the quick-charge feature, where 10 minutes of charging will give it enough power for one shave.

2. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic is a very popular brand of electric razors, and the ES8103S is a budget electric razor that shows us why it is so. This electric shaver will take care of most of your hair in just a single stroke. It uses nano-tech blades that have a very thin foil layer on them to prevent direct skin contact. The shave is close and precise, as well as free from any cuts to your skin. You can use to for a dry as well as wet shave. The charging status, battery level and the hygiene status of the machine are displayed on an LCD panel on the unit.

The 3-blade cutting system will effortlessly move along the contours of your face without any trouble. The shaver is 100% waterproof, so you can clean it by placing the unit under running water. A pop-up trimmer is built-in the shaver to help you complete the look. It has a turbo-cleaning mode to automatically take out the hair and debris from the shaver.  With 1 hour of charging, you get 45 minutes of cordless operation in this shaver. It also lets you quick charge it for 5 minutes to get enough time for a single shave. But there is one drawback that Instant Grooming  found is you cannot use the shaver while it is being charged. In a word, corded use is prohibited.

3. Braun Series 5 5090 CC Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center

The fact that this is the second Braun shaver that has managed to be in this list speaks volumes about their quality and utility. The series 5 electric shaver uses the OptiFoil design for capturing maximum hair. A certain Active Lift technology in it picks up and cuts the flat-lying hair near the sideburns and the neck. It has sideways moving blades, as opposed to the more common rotary blades, which make this shaver more efficient than the rest. It offers both dry and wet shave.

The engine motor powering this unit is very powerful. The cleaning cum charging base is one of the best things about the 5090CC. All you have to do is select the cleaning program, and this station cleans and sanitizes the shaver for the next shave. It also charges it while doing that. The shaver can also be cleaned manually under water. With one hour of charging, you get around 45 minutes of charging time. For a quick shave, you can charge it for just 5 minutes to get enough power.

You should not have to spend a fortune to buy a great electric shaver, and these three models are the proof of just that. These high-quality and high-performance electric shavers deliver the absolute best that you can get from electric shavers with a very affordable price tag. With this, finding what suits your pocket and skin best should not be that much of a challenge anymore. All you need to do is decide which of these suits your needs and budget best- and no matter what you chose, the results will be equally great!

Author: Denis Lubojanski