Top Reasons To Go For A Kurti

The world of kurtis is exciting. There are so many colours, patterns, designs and varieties available that you are likely to get overwhelmed. If you have ever worn a kurti, you won’t need a reason to like them. However, if you are someone who hasn’t tried one yet then it’s high time you did what other women are doing- wearing and loving kurtis more than any other outfit.

There are thousands of reasons a kurti lover could give you for why kurtis are an amazing clothing choice. But a few factors that make them out-and-out popular have been listed below.

  • The first thing that will impress you about a kurti is its length. Unlike regular kameez that reaches up to a woman’s shins, kurtis never cross knee level. Now, why would that excite you? This would excite you because when kurtis cross your knees, they cause a lot of discomfort while walking or running. Kurtis don’t cause this problem. Even when you walk fast, it doesn’t get stuck between your legs. Resultantly, your walk gets more comfortable and speedier than usual. Also, since short is in fashion, it will not make you look outmoded.
  • You will also like the fact that kurtis can be worn in a number of ways. That is to say, you can team them up with any bottom without marring their beauty. You can wear your kurti with a pair of Patiala pyjamas, leggings, jeggings or jeans. Some women also like to team their kurtis with regular salwars.  Although, all the combinations look great, there is something special about complementing a kurti with a pair of jeans. Jeans bear a casual demeanour; whereas kurti is quite traditional. The melange of the west and east can’t get any better. There are numerous shops in the market that deal in short kurtis for jeans. You can opt for them to get rid any possibility of incompatibility.
  • There is one more thing that attracts about a kurti- its design. Yes, the variety in which kurti designs are found is awesome. There are some kurtis that come with hand crafted designs. These designs are difficult to create. Hence, expensive. But the kind of charm handicraft possesses cannot be found in a machine made design. And that is why people don’t cringe to shell out any amount of cash for kurtis with handmade designs. Also, you can find printed options. These kurtis were not so popular a few years ago as they are now. Today, people love them and bring them home in bulk. So, if you like sophistication then kurtis with hand crafted designs will appeal to you. And if you like easy-going dresses, then you will like kurtis having machine made designs better.

So, irrespective of what type or length appeals to you, you should fill your wardrobe with kurtis. They are going to be your absolute go-to for each and every occasion to come. So, why wait? Just hit the market and pick everything that catches your eye.