Top Rummy Related Queries Answered Here

Many people encounter hurdles as they learn the game of rummy. They often have queries regarding making sets, sequences, ways to use jokers and other aspects of rummy playing. These queries, if they stay unanswered, make it difficult for the player to understand the game further. To keep your unlimited rummy fun unhampered, we strive to answer the most commonly asked questions or queries of rummy learners:

What is the difference between a Real Sequence and a Pure Sequence?

The 13-card rummy game requires a player to make two sequences that are together termed as life. The first is a pure sequence and one may not use joker to make this sequence. In some sites, it is compulsory that the natural or pure sequence needs to be a four-card sequence. The second sequence is a real or original sequence and one may use jokers to complete these sequences.

Why is the first card on the deck left as Open Card?

When you play the rummy game, the second player gets to pick from the deck or from the cards disposed by the first player and this way the game continues. In order to give the first player also this opportunity to pick from two options, the first card of the deck after distribution is left as open card.

What is the difference between a joker and a pulled-out joker?

In every deck used for playing rummy, there are few cards with the joker symbol on them. These are the actual jokers present in the deck and used as joker in the Indian rummy game. Since these are few, a card is pulled out randomly from the deck and this acts as a pulled-out joker. A pulled-out joker could be a number card or a face card.

What types of sets and sequences can we make by using face cards?

The face cards in the game of rummy are K, Q and J. These cards can be used to make sets as well as sequences. You may make a set of three face cards of the same value but different signs. For example, K of spades, King of clubs and King of diamonds together make a meld in rummy. You can make sequences by arranging face cards in a proper order of their values. For example, K, Q and J together form a sequence. You may also make sequence by combining face cards and number cards. For example, 10, J and Q of the same sign for a sequence. Similarly, A, K and Q together form a sequence.

How is Online Rummy and Offline Rummy different?

People are always confused about the difference between online rummy and offline rummy. Here are some of the most common distinguishing factors among the two:

  • Online rummy is played on apps and websites using mobile phones or laptops. Offline rummy requires a deck of cards and at least two players.
  • Online rummy can be played anytime anywhere. There is time and place restriction when you play rummy offline.
  • Online rummy compulsorily requires a good internet connection. Offline rummy does not require you to have an internet connection, just rummy players and a deck of cards is enough.
  • You can legally play rummy with cash online. In many places, offline rummy playing with cash is regarded as gambling and is illegal.

Once you have all these queries answered, you can easily opt to play rummy online or offline based on what suits you best. Khelplay Rummy is the best place to play the game online with friends and with complete strangers. Create your free account now!