Top Tips On Banner Size, Format, Fonts, Colours, and More – For The Most Effective Banner Ever

Getting a pop up banner for your trade show, your exhibition – whatever the occasion may be – is always a great idea. The pull up banner has shown time and time again that it has a much better rate when it comes to return on investment compared to other marketing tools – and it continues to prove this day by day. It should come as no surprise; a banner can attract a lot of people who would otherwise merely be passing by. Not only is it effective, it’s also very convenient in terms of setting up, displaying, removing, storing, and transporting to the next location.

However, your roller banner needs to be designed well, and you need to make sure it is indeed as effective as it possibly can be. Here are the top tips on banner size, formats, fonts, colours, and more – for the most effective banner ever.

Your image

Your image should capture your message – it should give the viewer a sense of what you are about without ever having to say a word. Make sure that your image is original, that it’s high resolution, and that the print is of great quality. Nothing is worse than a grainy picture of poor quality – it will have a negative effect on your brand.

The size

This will largely depend on where you want to display your pull up banners, so do your research. The smaller its size, the simpler its design should be.

On format

Make sure the size and the type of your font are easy to read. Use bold fonts for your headline – but keep your headline short. Italics are graceful but hard to read; use Arial or sans-serif whenever possible.

Go bold

Remember, your customers are probably just passing by, so you need to throw a message out there to them – a simple but proud message. Use bold letters for the headline, and make sure it sticks.

Colours are special

All colours have a certain psychology behind them – study them and use the colours you think will appeal to your target demographic the most.

Keeping it simple

Keep it simple. Enough said.

One more thing – a very important thing that should be mentioned: always make sure to include a call to action. Make sure that somewhere on the banner is printed: “Call us now!”, “Ask us why!”, “Get your free sample now!” or any other message that encourages the reader to take action. Of course, don’t forget to mention your contact details, and make sure you welcome the person when that person actually shows up. Your banner is there to attract the crowd – make sure you know how to handle the crowd once the multitude shows up. With well-designed roll up banners, especially those from an excellent exhibition banner printing service, crowds are sure to visit!