Traditional or Modern Industrial Roofing?

Technology is constantly evolving; new developments are allowing more sophisticated and durable products to be used in all types of construction.  Of course, the latest materials often come with a higher price tag than the older; more traditional methods.  The question facing anyone looking to replace their industrial roofing system is whether the additional expenditure is worthwhile or not.  The roof is an essential part of any building, but most businesses will be faced with the same decision process that they adopt for all major business matters; balancing cost against reward.

Fortunately, you can contact an expert to help evaluate your needs and which system will work best for your budget and building type.  King Koating Roofing has over twenty years of experience within the roofing industry and has an excellent understanding of all the different systems; more importantly they will be happy to help you choose the right industrial roofing system and install it for you.

The Advantages of Modern Systems

The very latest industrial roofing materials will be better at protecting your building in the long term than a traditional system. Although both systems will stop water leaking into your building, in general the latest developments will be longer lasting than the older, more traditional materials used.  This results in a long term cost saving; despite the initial cost probably being more than with traditional industrial roofing materials.  Of course, a cost / benefit analysis can be performed to assess the real saving over time.  If you are doing this it is important to factor in the reduction in your energy bills.  In general modern materials will provide better layers of insulation and reduce the costs of heating and cooling your building.

Many of the modern systems are also designed to be easy to repair; some do not even have discernable joins which dramatically reduces the risk of water penetration.

Traditional Systems

A traditional industrial roofing system has been tried and tested over many years, you will know what you are getting and you may also be aware of how to repair minor issues if necessary; obviously this is as the material ages as the initial install should be covered by a warranty.

As well as being generally cheaper to install you will find more businesses which are able to repair traditional roofs than those which can deal with the modern materials.  This is generally because the most recent developments will need specialist training to install effectively; this is an additional cost to businesses which must be passed on in some form or another.

Whichever type of roof you choose to install on your commercial property you will need to consider the length of time you expect to be occupying the premises, versus the cost and the potential savings associated with new materials as opposed to traditional ones.  An industrial roof system should be designed to need minimal maintenance; you are, after all, running a business!

It is also essential to consider the style of your roof as not all materials are suitable for every roof type.  For instance, flat roofs are generally better with membranes and not so effective with solar panels.