6 Broad Types Of Brass Sealing Screws

A terminal bar is incomplete without a sealing screw. And if you have selected a brass terminal bar, then the obvious choice will be brass sealing screws. But, there is a lot more to sealing screws than just the material it is made from. There are 6 broad types of sealing screws and this article will reveal all that you need to know about these types.

But, before moving on to the type classification of brass sealing screws, let us familiarize ourselves with a few generic information which involves material, specification, finishing details, etc. Brass sealing screws are crafted from free cutting brass (connect with your manufacturer for details on the variations).

The finish involves plating with nickel, tin, or leaving on the natural look. The dimensions and threading depends on your selection or requirement. Now, that you have a little bit of background, let us move on to the 6 types.

  1. Cheese Head: This type of sealing screw has a flat head with a slot in the middle which acts a divider. The slot is the mechanism through which you can either tighter or loosen the screw.
  2. D-Shape Slotted: The head of this type of sealing screw is like a dome which has a smooth finish without any openings. This is fitted using specialized tools and not the ordinary screw driver.
  3. Thumb Head: This style of sealing screw appears to have a smooth arch-type head with threading at the edges. The threading design acts as a gripper when the screw is tightened or loosened.
  4. Knurled Head: This type of screw has a flat head with a slot in between but the edges are flat with knurled design which again has a reason which is to provide friction when it is fitted.
  5. Unidirectional: This sealing screw has a design which enables the user to know the direction in which the screw needs to be rotated. This has an aesthetic appeal and useful design.

Brass sealing screws are broadly classified on the basis of the above categories but this not mean that these are the industry standards. Brass sealing screw manufacturers offer modifications to these available categories not only in terms of designs but also in terms of the material, specifications, etc.

If you have an urgent requirement then opt for one of the standard types because these will be readily available, but if your requirement is specific and you want a particular type with a specific combination of design and material then you can always let your manufacturer please you with choices.

Another available variation is for cold forged machine screws and the regular ones will not function well in this condition. The grade of brass used in this case would vary from the ones used in standard screws. Also, at times, steel might emerge as a better options for crafting cold forged machine screws. With all the details about the designs, material, specification, finish, etc. provided above, hope you got what you were looking for. In case of any specific information, leave a comment below.

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