Uber In Twin Cities …Great News!

For quite a long time Uber and Careem had been the hot gossip of the town. And why wouldn’t it be…they brought up this new concept in Pakistan which appealed masses and the idea started making success over night. Hence within a mere few months of launch these transportation network companies became the most preferable mode of intercity travel for hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis especially for women (who have been looking for safe travel for long). Now is the time when success of any business is pretty much dependent on the positive word of mouth and social media/internet plays a vital role in it. So they made a hit by launching mobile app based services. Who would have thought of it before-no one! Thus, they become a sure triumph.

While Dubai based company-Careem operates in the major cities of Pakistan i-e Lahore, Karachi and the capital territory Islamabad Uber initially operated only in Lahore and just now according to the latest news they announced on twitter “You guessed right! We’re coming to Islamabad and Rawalpindi very, very soon. So stay tuned, and get downloading!”

And then later in the day the following tweet came “Islamabad and Rawalpindi, your uberGO is arriving now. It’s free all weekend long, use the promo UBERLOVESISB!”

We would say it is a good move by uber…twin cities have been anxiously waiting for it so they have two options in hand. However it is worth mentioning that rates are way cheaper now which is more of a concern for the service users out there. UberGO says “uberGO rides are cheaper than your movie tickets” so a safe, reliable and fun ride is now possible without worrying about security and safety.

On the other end Careem is not leaving any chance to compete, they are striving hard to make it bigger better than before. They too have good news for its fans. They have stated to employ a million people “Our aim is to create a million jobs! Its about how can we change #Pak. Better jobs. we will employ more ppl than railway, army.” This way not only people in Pakistan will get employments but way better than that.

Because the idea of online taxi facility have totally changed the approach of the common men in the country. All the same the public response which both the companies received absolutely exceeded their early anticipations. All thanks to the hype of smartphones and mobile gadgets which makes you stay connected to each and every news that comes around.

Pakistan is modernizing and is adopting the technology very quickly which gives a wide road to multiple businesses to make their way in. Although Careem is much more popular than uber but by introducing their services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi the horizon will broaden up and hopefully this will elevate their conversion rate to more positive than negative. To entice more and more customers uberGo said “To celebrate our newest city, you can enjoy Uber for free this weekend (April 27 to 30). Enter the promo code ‘UBERLOVESISB’ to enjoy five free rides up to Rs 250 each.” Th is again some great news.

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