Victorian Era: The Era Of Wide Extremes

The Victorian age or era lasted from 1837 to 1901. This is the time when Queen Victoria ruled; even though many historians rely on that the Reform act of 1832 indicates the start of the Victorian era. The Victorian period has been characterized by cultural transformations, grinding poverty and wars, industrial reforms, gracious living and scientific progress.

Ann DeWitt is an African American young grown-up historical literature author and an up-and-coming Civil War living historian. She has created a blog known as “A Civil War Living Historian: Transformation into a 19th Century African-American Woman—Victorian Style.” This blog helps the reader to identify the black woman whom she will portray at historical events, taking along the 19th century depiction of a Woman of Color to life, and selecting period correct Victorian fashion clothing. Ann DeWitt Civil War in the blog states that in Victorian era the life of women has been usually focused on family promises.

Women have been perceived as shrines of love and pureness. In the Victorian era the role of women was to get wed and take care of the household tasks. The young women were dressed accurately to get wedded and they need to be virtuous, innocent, compliant, and obedient. The young women were mainly educated in activities such as French, painting, drawing, dancing, and singing which would help them to get a perfect suitor. In Victorian eras, female authors were seen as less capable than male authors.

Ann DeWitt was born in South Carolina in the United States and at present lives in Georgia in the United States. She states that Southern culture and heritage are the main part of her daily life. She is also the author of Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story.

During the Victorian era, the women of elite class used to enjoy all facilities and favoritisms; while on the other hand, the women who were poor used to work in the garment industries, factories, laundries or numerous other jobs to lead their livelihood. A great ratio of women also was employed as nurses in healthcare facilities and was engaged in workplaces in the latter part of the era. Some women also come into professions such as law, journalism, and medicine. Even though, this revolution has taken place mostly in the later part of the twentieth century.

Ann DeWitt Civil War admires Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who has been the American Civil Rights Leader. In addition, she is a huge admirer of Lochlainn Seabrook who is the American Civil War Author. Ann through her blog has depicted the loveliness, power, and flexibility of nineteenth century women during the American Civil War. The American Civil War is regarded as one of the major events in American history that have taken place between the eras 1861 to 1865. This war has been between the free northern states and the 11 southern states under slavery.

Thus, it can be said unlike today, the women were not given freedom in the Victorian Era.

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