Vietnam Tour 8 Days Package

Vietnam is a place which is a must visit for travelers. If you are planning a holiday and are just not sure where to go then plan a Vietnam tour and you will surely feel for making such a great decision. Natural beauty, culture, great night life and history, Vietnam have everything to offer and will make your trip just awesome.

The Vietnam tour 8 days package comprises of the following schedule-

  • Day1- tourist arrives at Hanoi and takes a walk around the city. Hani being the country capital comprises of tourist spots like Ngoc doc temple, opera house and the old quarter.
  • Day2- second day is also spent in Hanoi followed by a night train to Lao Cai. During the day people go on a city tour to experience the French styled buildings, wide roads, lakes, ancient temples, one pillar pagoda and the presidential palace. Tourist even gets the chance to see the water puppet show and then boards a night train to Lao Cai.
  • Day3- tourist would reach Lao Cai early morning and then travels 40 km to reach Sapa. After reaching Sapa, people walks downhill to the cat cat village that is popular for crafts like brocade weaving and gold and silver jeweler making. The lifestyle of farmers and the way they work can also be experienced while walking through the rice paddies while on return to Sapa.
  • Day4- overnight trekking in Topas eco lodge in Sapa provides a sensational feeling as the Topas eco lodge is situated at the top of two conical shaped hills.
  • Day5- visiting the Lech village and experiencing the Thanh Kim River and then return to Hanoi.
  • Day6- visit to Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam that comprises of limestone peaks, sanctuaries and tombs.
  • Day7- from Ninh Binh takes a four hour ride to the junk cruise that is situated in the Halong bay. The cruise lasts for an entire day. As the junk cruise starts sailing, one can experience the limestone islands and the shiny water that appears in the shade of green and blue. The cruise passes through three biggest ever caves namely sung sot, Dau go, and Thien Cung. One can even go for swimming and then sleep in the junk at night.

On the eight day the tourist are brought back to Hanoi after sunrise and can take a flight back home. So plan your tour today and check out Vietnam tour 8 days for booking.