What Are The Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Confetti?

When it comes to the finishing touches, the happy couple usually has some creative suggestions but not every venue will allow all of these ideas to come to fruition. Confetti is one of those items which some venues simply won’t allow, so here are some alternatives if your chosen location won’t accept paper confetti, biodegradable or otherwise.


Traditionally, rice and rose petals were thrown in the air to celebrate the bride and groom’s first public appearance as a married couple (a lovely tradition which originated in Italy, by the way) but some venues won’t even allow these. So what can you do to celebrate?

You may simply want to have a more ‘green’ wedding similar to the eco queen, Tara Button’s celebration, although do check with your venue before getting friends and family to microwave rose petal from their gardens to use as confetti!

Countryside venues such as hotels in the Forest of Dean are more likely to be open to natural alternatives such as leaves (with or without artistic shapes punched out of them), gorgeously scented lavender heads or cleaned birdseed to take the place of paper confetti. Think about what would tie in with your wedding theme and the look of your venue. Handmade bunting or mini hand-held flags would suit a traditional venue and theme in a location such as a wedding hotel venue in the Forest of Dean.

What Are The Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Confetti?


Bubbles blown into the air make a wonderful alternative to paper confetti and if your photographer is quick off the mark, you’ll get some beautiful shots as well.

Bells sewn onto ribbons and tied onto wands make for an unusual and musical alternative but make sure that the bells are secure and large enough for children not to pull them off and pop them into their mouths! Plump for color themed streamers if you are having lots of little people at your wedding.

You may want to ask your venue’s wedding organizer if they would object to biodegradable cake sprinkles or sparklers (have a bucket of sand to hand for safe disposal) as an alternative to paper confetti.

For a summer wedding, mini beach balls make a fun alternative and if either of you is particularly sporty, cheerleader style pom-poms would also be a unique alternative.