What Are The Different Kinds Of Bangles Indian Married Women Wear

What Are The Different Kinds Of Bangles Indian Married Women Wear

Bangles are a symbol of married women in India.  As the country has diverse range of cultures with its varying states, the wedding rituals, as well as customs are also varied. There are different types of bangles worn by Indian women.

Bracelet Bangle

A research conducted on ancient fragments reveals that bangles were made from copper, shell, bronze, silver, terra cotta, lac, gold, and glass for the craftsmanship. Royal families had the pleasure of wearing diamond bangles and the ones studded with valuable stones and gems.

Significance of chuda

The pandit does puja and the maternal uncle of the bride offers her 21 pieces of chudas after rinsing them in milk. According to the tradition, these chudas should not be removed for a minimum of one year. It is a custom that these bangles are worn by the newly married girls every season for one full year.

Bangles that varies with region

In many parts of the country it has been mandatory to wear bangles made of lac, shell and glass. The material, color and design of bangles differ from one region to another. In North Indian states such as Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir, ivory bangles or chuda are mandatory. If you are looking to buy a diamond bangle, visit online jewelry stores. This is the best place to view diamond bangles designs with price and make the selection.

In states such as West Bengal and Odisha, bangles made of shell and lac are compulsory for married women. At online jewelry stores, you will find an incredible collection of gold bangles designs with price.

Types of Bangles for Odiya and Bengali Married Woman

The accessories such as pola, shankha, toe rings and sindoor imbibe age-old traditions of the region. Shankha is white colored bangles that are made up of pola and conch-shell. Red bangles are made using red corals.

Wealthy women of Bengal wear shankhas that are made using elephant teeth. You will find listings of gold bangles design with weight at online jewelry stores. This will ease your selection process to a lot of extents.

Bangles Worn by Punjabi Women

Slender ivory bangles are also called as chuda. They are mostly worn by brides in Punjab. You will get them in red and white color. They are decorated with stones and are mostly offered to the bride during marriage.

Bangles Worn in Gujarat And Rajasthan

In regions like Rajasthan, and Gujarat, the mother of the bride gifts her ivory bangles. Only post wearing ivory bangles, bridal couple can accomplish the ‘saptapati’ ritual. This ritual comprises of seven steps that are performed around the fire. Proper execution of this ritual makes the Hindu marriage complete.


The tradition of bangles worn by Indian woman has been since ancient times. It has been strongly emphasized how important is a bangle for a married woman. These are the types of bangles and marriage symbols that can make women feel special and so much feminine.