What Foreigners Share About Best Homestays In Coorg?

The Homestays are not found only in India, in fact they are more popular and common in European countries. But when Kenneth Lewis visited India in 2006, he liked the Homestays in India as much, since then he has visited six times India and every time he chooses Homestay accommodation to spend his vacation.

Lewis is the regional director of a consultancy firm. He is a wanderlust who keeps on travelling around the world. In India, he lives in Purushwadi Mumbai, which is a small village in the Western Ghats. Lewis came to live here in 2006 and since then whenever he visits India, he chooses to stay in a Homestay.

Though there were no monuments or palaces to see, here it was the local experience and the beauty of the village life In India that would brought him back to the same place every time. Recently Lewis told one of the leading newspapers of India, Hindustan times that the great experience of the rural life, people, digging the fields with a plough, harvesting crops, separating cereal grains from the husk, and chopping wood would delight him every time.  And in the season of monsoon, the place rivals Switzerland.

 Lewis is not the only foreign tourist who chooses rustic Homestays over the conventional accommodations to celebrate their vacations.  The Homestays in Coorg cater thousands of foreigners every year.

Why Foreigners Now Opt Mainly for Homestays in Coorg?

Why foreigners look for Coorg Homestay Packages there are plenty of reasons behind it. The head of the corporate communications, Cox & Kings India, Mr. Thomas C Thottathil sharing his own experience says Homestays in Coorg provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the culture, traditions and customs of a place which is not possible when one stays in a hotel or resort.

“You are able to interact with the host family and the Homestays are economical, personal and exciting than staying in hotels and resorts,” he said.

There are heritage homes in India like Ayesha Manzil in Tell cherry which is a colonial Bungalow dating back to 1862. The Heritage Homestays not only provide you with a deep insight into the rich historical past of the India but also you offer hotel like amenities.

Tom Hardy arrived first time in India in December 2005. He was picked up by a friend from the airport. He lived with the family of his friend for some days.  It was a typical Indian family comprising of parents, brothers, sisters, family and kids.  Hardly credits his experience of living with the family for the deeper insight he got into the Indian culture.

 Sharing his experience of living with the family, he said “I was expected to follow the rhythms and customs of the house and, in essence, become an Indian. I ate Indian food three times a day, bathed with a bucket, took part in pujas, had to learn to live with servants, and to have way, way less privacy than I was used to … among many other “adjustments.”

 Why are Coorg Homestay Packages in Trend?

The Coorg Homestay Packages provide people with an alternative source of income that is why most people today think of investing in a Home Stay. The one more reason why Coorg Homestay packages are becoming a trend in India is that there is an estimated shortage of above two lakh hotel rooms.

 Moreover, the government of India has expanded its e-visa facilities to over 150 nations, so the number of foreign visitors into India is expected to increase further.  And as the Government of India will keep on relaxing the Visa rules, the popularity of Coorg Homestay packages is expected to grow further in the country.