What Is Damp? How To Choose The Right Damp Proofing Company

Why does damps occur? – this is a top-most question of all those homeowners who suffer from damp problems. Because, for solving the damp problems, it is required to know the reason behind its occurrence. Well, there are a number of reasons why damp can be caused including rain penetration, rising damp and condensation.

Hence, there can be any reason and to find that reason, you should know the exact meaning of damp so that you can have damp proofing services done. So, read this article to know more about damps and a few tips to help you choose a right damp proofing company. Scroll down, please!…

What is damp?

Damp is simply an excess of moisture which can not be escaped. It can affect any property, so if your house suffers from damp then wake up, it’s time to look for damp proofing. Damp comes in two main forms, first one is penetrating damp in which, the water comes in through the walls. And the second one is, rising damp in which, water on the ground floor would normally be stopped by the damp proof course.

This will make a way upwards into the house. Hence, if your home is suffering from any of this situation, damp proofing is a necessity.

Damp proofing 

Damp proofing works as a long-term prevention to decay moisture. When it comes to walls, damp proofing can prevent your walls from moisture. However, damp proofing is also known as a type of waterproofing for constructed walls where a damp proofing barrier is placed in the floors or walls.

Now, let’s focus on how to find the best company that can treat your home with care.

What to do & what not to do while choosing a damp proofing contractor

Don’t do these…

  • Do not choose a damp proofing company that takes help of a mobile phone or PO box address to advertise their services. Because these details can be changed with ease and offer no means of pursuing damp proofing guarantee claims. So, look at the information they provide on their website and determine whether it is useful & informative or not.
  • Do not use a company which is serving less than 5 years. As many companies fail in the starting years so check company’s date of incorporation.
  • Do not trust those companies who give the contract to third party contractors. So many sub-contractors are poorly trained in remedial works and they are only concerned with finishing the assigned work as quickly as possible.

Do these…

  • Do ask lots of related questions of the surveyor, especially if you found no valuable information. If you are not sure then get another opinion.
  • Do ask for references or you can follow them up. Well established and well-managed companies will have a large list of customers who give positive reviews of their work.
  • Do ask for details of what is extra inclusion in the price of the damp proofing works. As some companies offer cheap quote only to add a long list of extras at the time of their work which can double the cost of the work.
  • Do ask yourself what could cause the dampness to your lovely home. Simple checking can also reveal the actual cause of the problem without the need of professional help.

Final thoughts

Besides, damp can also affect yours and your dear one’s health so, if your home is affected by damp problems then you should not wait longer. Hire the best damp proofing specialist and get your home treated. But, before choosing any contractor, don’t forget to match him up with above functionalities. Stay well!…