Where Do All The Diamonds Come From?

Beautiful though they are, have you ever wondered where the diamond that sits on your ring finger as ever come from? It is certainly an intriguing prospect to find out as they are generally found in some of the most interesting countries of the world. So, before you set about Buying Diamond Rings Online probably with the help of https://www.comparethediamond.com/ why don’t we have a look at some of the most famous diamond mines in the world and what it takes to get them out the ground.

A carat is the unit of measure for a diamond. The ones you have in your ring or necklace will only be about 1 to 2. That’s a good thing because not only are diamonds the hardest material known to humans they can also be extremely dense and heavy. The Star of Africa, for example, weighed in uncut at 83 carats and 43 carats after it was finished. That is quite a weight. To date, there is estimated to be about 1 billion carats of diamonds in the earth crust so there is plenty more where that came from. Where are they located?

  1. Russia is already very rich in natural resources and this is no exception when it comes to diamonds. In fact, half of the world’s largest diamond mines are located in the country that spans the edge of Europe over to the Asian continents. The Jubilee or Yubileyny to give it is Russian name mine is one of the largest. It is reputed to have 153 million carats of diamonds in it somewhere that they can get at and you can bet that the miners and owners are working around the clock to get them out. Its also thought there is a further 51 million carats below that as well! The other two large mines in the region are the Udachny diamond mine (which has the largest open mine in the world) and the Mir mine which is the third largest. All of them are in the Yakutia region located in the middle of Russia and all are next to the diamond standby of a kimberlite pipe.
  2. The Argyle mine is the largest here and this is one where the surface diamonds are thought to have all been discovered. The switch over to underground mining is underway so that they can get to the ones underneath. The “easy” part of the mining is done. It will be the same for the Yubileyny mine eventually, but it shows that with improving technologies mines that were thought to be cleared out can still be used.
  3. Angola has the largest in Catoca and South Africa has the sixth largest in Venetia, Africa has a long tradition of diamond mining and it brings in much-needed wealth to the area. Catoca is responsible for 70% of Angola’s diamond mining and it has produced 6.5 carats so far.

That diamond on your finger has been on quite a journey!