Which Military Webbing To Use For Hard Working Products

Which Military Webbing To Use For Hard Working Products

When it comes to webbing, not all types are appropriate for every application. The webbing you would use for fashion belts or pet supplies wouldn’t function nearly as well for outdoor gear. If you’re producing a product that requires ultra-durable webbing, you already know you want Mil-Spec webbing, a webbing that meets military specifications. However, when you find military webbing for sale, you may notice there are multiple materials to choose from. Which one is right for your needs? It depends on how your product is expected to preform over its lifetime.


If you make tie downs or other products that need to be pulled tight when in use, the amount that a material stretches will make the biggest difference in how your goods perform. Straps that will keep boats, motorcycles or other heavy loads contained need to be made from a material with very little stretch.

Polyester webbing has the least amount of stretch, making it ideal for handling the heaviest loads. Nylon makes a fair second choice if you need to secure more moderate weights. However, Polypropylene webbing should be avoided, because it can stretch over 50% when it’s working hard. If you aren’t sure how much stretching your product might face, a company that has military webbing for sale can usually advise you about your best options.


If you’re in the outdoor gear business, then your products need to work in the rain and snow. Back pack straps and general use straps used to secure extra gear may not need to withstand extreme stretching, but they need to hold their shape and continue to function well with military style belt buckles and other fasteners.

Both Polyester and Polypropylene are water resistant, and preform well in wet conditions. They are also mildew resistant, so if gear gets stored damp it’s less likely to be a problem. On the other hand, Nylon webbing readily absorbs water and molds easily. It also loses a great deal of strength when wet, making it a poor choice for any product that’s likely to face the elements.


How strong does your product need to be? If you’re producing parachute harnesses, climbing gear or race car safety products, you want the strongest material available. While Polyester has a break strength up to 10,000 lbs., Nylon isn’t far behind with a top break strength of 7,000 lbs.

When you go looking for wholesale military belt bucklesfor sale, know what you want your product to do and the kind of conditions it will face. An experienced company should be able to answer your questions and help you select the right military webbing for the job.