Why Are Netflix and Amazon Making Their Own Shows?

Amazon and Netflix have been expanding rapidly. Amazon is available in 200 countries, while Netflix is close behind with 190. These companies are dominating the media and entertainment sector. What is their winning formula in this competitive market?

Why Are They Successful?

It is believed that their success has been due to the fact that they have been making original content that they control. Having set up the infrastructure for this expansion, they are controlling the content available. They aren’t getting involved in complicated and expensive contract negotiations. Instead they are making shows and owning the rights to them. They are both committed to increasing the budgets for their content, as this is such a lucrative area. It is cheaper to produce programmes than it is to buy them in an international market.

Benefits for the Viewer

The viewer will be able to watch shows without worrying that they will suddenly disappear from their subscription site when the content is owned by the provider. The viewer will be able to stream new dramas, providing they have the correct equipment and support such as Calne TV aerial repair. They will also be able to watch shows offline, as the provider controls the licensing agreement when they own the content. This is hugely popular for people who wish to view TV while travelling.

Tailored Programming

The viewer benefits from original programming because the providers are tailoring their shows to viewer preferences based on the popularity of their shows and algorithms examining the way people are watching TV. Content is being created that is current and reflects the tastes of viewers. Having exciting and relevant content will ensure your success.

Why Are Netflix and Amazon Making Their Own Shows?

Amazon also gives its users the option of choosing a series based on a pilot episode, getting viewers involved in the creative process – a savvy way of keeping your subscribers happy. Their use of social media is also contributing to a buzz.

Utilising Technology

Amazon and Netflix have been producing TV in 4K, enabling them to keep up with ground-breaking technology and giving the viewer the best visual experience. Viewers can take advantage of this providing they have the appropriate installation advice and services such as http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-installation-calne/.

Increasing the High Definition Resolution is also attracting customers and ensuring that their content stays relevant as technology evolves.