Why Is Noise Measurement And Control So Important To Industry?

Let’s face it, consistent noise pollutes the environment that we live in, and can make life unbearable at times. Whether you are working in a noisy factory or living near a heaving pub, the consistent hum can be draining.  So making sure that noise is at an acceptable level so as not to be anti-social is important for many people. The government stipulate what they deem to be acceptable noise levels for varying industries, so undertaking an assessment by a qualified professional could mean savings on fines by the local council or persistent complaints from the neighbours.

What will a Noise assessment Determine?

If you are an industrial or manufacturing company then your noise levels could be potentially high, causing a nuisance to both local residents and the surrounding environment. A noise survey and assessment would measure the existing background noise levels of the local residents alongside the machine noise levels in the factory.

Sound tests would then be carried out to assess the noise reduction performance of the building. This information can predict noise levels that are likely to affect the local domain once a machine is being used or new ones installed. Suitable reduction measures can then be implemented by the factory or business if needed. A diagnostic noise survey for example will determine which equipment or machinery is causing or most likely to cause the most amount of noise pollution. This is a particularly useful process to use if a company is planning on installing new equipment or converting a building. Many companies use an environmental noise expert before applying for planning permission. It is a useful and cost saving exercise, controlling noise pollution from the outset will avoid any complaints further down the line.

What type of Industries find Noise Surveys useful?

Noise surveys can be carried out on offices, industrial premises, pubs, flats, houses and commercial buildings. A professional survey can be useful in supporting a planning application, and is essential for any conversion such as an old building into residential flats or outdoor play areas in schools and nurseries.

Industrial noise surveys can save companies several thousands of pounds, by pinpointing a noise source accurately it is possible to assess a wide variety of reduction solutions.

How is an Environmental Noise Survey carried out?

Specific equipment is used which is capable of recording a range of parameters for surveys that test levels of environmental noise. The surveys that are conducted can detect simple single measurements to longer term noise screening and even remote monitoring. The equipment used is a fully UKAS calibrated, highly accurate Type 1 device and is carried out by a qualified surveyor.

For example, extract fans from the roof of an industrial unit can cause localised noise pollution. A noise test can give suppression options which could include solutions like, new industrial steel doors, as well as looking at treating the machinery at source. This would further reduce noise inside the factory and benefit the workers exposure to it as well.

Harry Price is a freelance writer from the South Coast.  He an active guy and spend his free time, running, rockclimbing or attending his new favourite, Karate.