Why Metal Braces Are A Thing Of The Past

There are very few people in the world who embrace metal braces, even if they need them and they have been recommended them by their dentist. It just seems unnatural to most of us to have something so metallic and so intrusive in our mouths, and the way that metal braces look is just one of the reasons why people dislike them so much. When you wear metal orthodontic braces, there are certain foods that you cannot eat such as apples and some meats, and there are always bits of food that are getting stuck in them, no matter what you do to try and stop it. The trouble is, metal braces are the only way to get that smile that you so desperately want – right?

Wrong. Metal braces are now a thing of the past, thanks to the amazing technology and research that many dentists and dental researchers have done over the last few years. Just like metal braces were an incredible development from what used to be the standard of dental care, so now there are different options that are better and more effective than the old metal braces – and do not have all of the uncomfortable side effects like rubbing against your gums, and the horrible tightening appointments! Although there are different options to choose from, we spoke to Dr Paige Woods who has been offering these alternatives to her patients at her dental practice in San Diego for quite some time now (see her adult braces San Diego treatments here), and she told us that there is one option that proves most popular time and time again.

Invisalign may not be something that you have heard of, but soon it will be absolutely everywhere as more and more people are starting to discover just how impressive this treatment technique really is. The way that it works is so much more simple than the old metal braces way that it benefits both the patient and the dentist that is administering the treatment! Firstly, a mould is taken of the patient’s mouth exactly how it is, and then a series of special mouth guards are created. The first set will be exactly as the patient’s teeth are now, and the very last set will be how the patient and dentist want the teeth to look at the end of the process, and the rest are incrementally in between.

Then the patient just has to take the first set home, and wear them all day except when they are eating. This may sound like a real inconvenience, but the amazing thing about Invisalign is that the moulds are completely transparent and are melded to your teeth so well and so uniquely that it is very difficult to tell whether anyone is wearing them or not. That means that you can even wear them to work, and no one would be any the wiser. This would certainly not be true when it comes to metal braces, which is why Dr Paige Woods and many of her patients are embracing the new.

More about invisalign at http://dentistsandiegoca.org/orthodontics/invisalign-invisible-braces/