Why The Mazda MX5 2016 Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Sports Cars

Why The Mazda MX5 2016 Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Sports Cars

You wouldn’t believe it, but the Mazda MX5 has more than 22 years of experience behind its design – and this ensures that the newer versions are even better than ever. Since it first came out in 1989, the progress has been incredible – it has seen design alterations, engine changes, and countless other modifications in its four-generation history.

The major upgrade in the fourth generation was the focus on weight; by keeping it down to less than 1,088 kilos (2,400 pounds) and by implementing the SkyActiv technology that’s now widely available, this beautiful sports car is now steadier on the road and more comfortable than ever to drive. Here’s why the Mazda MX5 2016 is one of the world’s most popular sports cars.


The Mazda MX5 has won some nice awards; in New York (2016), this car was named World Car, and it was further awarded the car most deserving of the World Car Design at the auto show. The president of the company was there to receive both awards, and said it was a ‘Great Honour’. Of course, Mr. Masahiro Moro, CEO of Mazda North America, knew that a lot of work went into it, and that the honour was indeed deserved.

Going Sleek

If you want sporty, then you want a sports car that’s sleek and seems to cut through the air like a knife through butter – and with lots of style. The new design of the car is sleeker than ever before and the sloping hood and strong fenders truly gives it a GT-feel.

Check those Headlights

Although the body is largely made of steel, the company came up with some real smart engineering solutions, and this allows the MX5 driver to enjoy those new headlights, complete with new LED technology and a slanting tear-drop shape.


The interior is comfortable, but it’s also designed with a simple spartan layout in mind – and that’s why it attracts so many sensible sport car fanatics. The dashboard has remained basically untouched; although some minor improvements are sure to surprise.

Check the Horsepower

You get a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, 155-horsepower engine. What more could you possibly need?

Two things still need to be mentioned. First of all, the MX5’s greatest attractions have been its comfort and reliability; features that gives the driver a lot of ease and confidence when it comes to safety, as confirmed by MX5 parts suppliers like MX5 City. Secondly, the price of the car is very reasonable, especially when you consider all the great features not offered by any other competitive brands. It’s a sports car that will never go out of style, especially not when the company keeps on improving and adjusting.