Why We Should Be Wary Of Low Cost SEO Professionals?

After communicating with a few SEO professionals, we could find a disconcerting revelation and this results from facts related to costs. For example, we often need to consider how much a SEO specialist charges for their works. Some quotes could inform us that we could obtain great results by paying only less than $250 per month. This is an affordable expense for many businesses, but how we could guarantee specific results. One common deception is by promising to achieve good results by using dubious and less impressive key phrases. Many business owners brag that they could achieve the first position using specific keywords and when we look more closely, we could find out that they actually use obscure key phrases like “Jackson County TV repair services”, instead of just “TV repair services”. These people are simply unaware that such key phrases are very rarely or even never searched by anyone. Granted, some people could argue that it is a great start and it could be used as a jumping stone for better positions for state-based or even nation-based searches.

Even so, although such a result may look great for any business owner, it could actually be achieved rather easily. As an example, a teenager with basic web development and SEO skill can achieve the same thing within a few hours. Alternatively, business owners should consider using bigger geographical identity to allow us achieve a few dozen times of extra traffic. We could be talking about thousands of new searches every month. This deceptive method could give consumer a false sense of achievement and security. In order to rank high with highly competitive keywords and keyphrases, even seasoned SEO specialists need to perform a great deal of work. Such an effort will require much more than $200 per month and any SEO specialist who agrees on such a ridiculously low price would be out of business quickly. With less than $1000, it is possible for us to achieve exponentially better results and our eventual will expand much faster. This will ensure dramatic increases in business and we could achieve the predetermined ROI.

In this case, SEO investments may pay for itself. It is also possible for business owners to take over some of the SEO works by being active in related forum, blogs and social network groups. They could paste their URLs in appropriate places. Although, such an approach will result in plenty of no-follow backlinks, Google will consider it as a natural progression. In fact, it can be considered as something suspicious to have mostly do-follow links in our backlink mix. After we achieve desired results, we may still need the service of the SEO specialist. As an example, we would need to regularly update the XML sitemap, so Google’s bots could have updated pathways of our website. Some low-cost SEO specialists could also deceptively offer us automated solutions, but they could only get us so far and must be avoided whenever possible.